Excerpt from Coldest War, sequel to Tregillis's fantastic supernatural alternate WWII novel Bitter Seedss


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  1. chrisbachmann says:

    Gotta say, I’m a fan of the first book. I’ve been waiting for a long time for this one to come out and I’m glad it’s finally available. Gretel is a great villain in how she is able to make others do her dirty work. Just superb.

  2. mr_frakypants says:

    Different experience with the books. I thought the action was poorly planned, generally focusing least on the things you’d like to see — only showing them through allusion and aftermath — and focusing on elements that were only of passing interest.

    I found the English plot lines more engaging than the Nazi ones. This is one of those books where I found myself skipping portions just to find out what happens. That generally indicates good (and interesting) plotting, but poor execution.

    Bought “Bitter Seeds” brand new in hard back, because I was excited by the synopsis, etc. At best, I’ll be snagging this one many months from now on Amazon aftermarket for $3.99. Such was my disappointment with the first.

    So, not entirely worthless, but it pains me to see a writer of limited technical skill (the relationship stuff, moderately incoherent action) lauded like this just because of the cool concept.

    That said, the concept is still wicked cool.

  3. I haven’t  read him, but from the extract, I’d agree with mr_frakypants – the writing seems a bit ordinary.

  4. I really loved the imaginary landscape of Bitter Seeds, and I’m looking forward to the sequel. 

    But I do really, really hope, for stupid superficial reasons, that the final cover is better than the one posted. The cover of  Bitter Seeds was beautiful, mysterious and witty. The cover above looks like a module for a cyborg-themed off-brand role playing game. 

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