Police loom over Byron Sonne's victory party

Uh-oh. A tweet from Toronto notes that weirdly, there are 4 cop cars outside #hacklabto as they are having a party for #freebyron. HackLabTo is the Kensington Market hackerspace that Byron Sonne (who was acquitted yesterday on all counts related to his emperor-wears-no-clothesery of the Toronto G20 summit in 2010) is affiliated with. Update: they're gone now.


  1. I’m sure people in countries known for police corruption are familiar with this behavior.

  2. To be fair, its an area of town theres often a lot of police presence, and its more likely they just wanted to check that shits not going down (with media etc too it could turn into a circus) an not trying to intimidate attendees or send a subtextual message. 

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