Ripped skull tee

A nice t-shirt mod from the folks at Hurley -- the rip-skull. I don't expect it would survive a lot of washings, though.

DIY SKULL T-SHIRT (via Crazy Abalone)


  1. My back isn’t so photogenic as the model’s, but I’d totally wear this.

    Think I’ll make me one.  I know the adage that if you’re old enough to have worn a thing the first time it was en vogue you’re too old to wear it the next time, but I don’t give a shahitt.  I liked shredded tees 25 years ago, and I’m happy to welcome them back.

    Oh, all right, I’ll wear a black one underneath.  You can open your eyes again.

  2. is it (merely) “ripped” if it’s actually missing bits?  perhaps it should be cut-out skull tee (or ‘COST’) … anyway apply any and all jack-o-lantern stencils (laser cut!) and sell ’em to all those that want suntans to match.

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