Rocking Horses of the Apocalypse


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  1. robuluz says:


  2. robuluz says:


  3. wonkyjes says:

    I saw then this past weekend at the Austin Mini Maker Faire. They were very cool, and large.

  4. pepik says:

    Ha! I just saw three of them at the Austin Mini Maker Faire last weekend, and I have a brief video of my son riding one here:

  5. UrbanUndead says:

    Wow. Gorgeous!

  6. Richard Pusateri says:

    It’s “Revelation” in the Bible; it is singular.  Let’s try to stay on the ball.

  7. Dan Hibiki says:

    shame death replaced his for a real horse, but you know, the head kept coming off and the ride is always bumpy.

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