Vinyl LP AT-AT clock


4 Responses to “Vinyl LP AT-AT clock”

  1. Arthur says:

    I worry when records ARE cut by laser. Vinyl cyanide and CO2 lasers do not mix.

  2. penguinchris says:

    You could get bonus points for using an Empire Strikes Back soundtrack LP, mounted in a frame in front of the album cover, but you’d probably make a lot of people cry for destroying it :)

    (you could just use a thrift store LP and make a copy of the ESB label…)

  3. lorq says:

    I love the multiple mashup.  Time to start a competition.  “3D printed steampunk unicorn.”  “Maru the cat in a hobbit home dangling from a suborbital balloon.”  

  4. Tyler Garcia says:

    Thanks for the media boost guys! My shop hit an all time high yesterday on views. However no sales…. If anyone would like one of these guys follow the link to etsy. If you don’t like the price, private message me on Etsy and we can discuss…. Thanks!!!

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