A photo of a photo of Soyuz


5 Responses to “A photo of a photo of Soyuz”

  1. Rich Keller says:

    That is a cool photo. I’m going to look at it on my monitor through a wide angle mirror, for extra Escherness.

  2. abstracht says:

    NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day website is similarly awesome:


  3. groovehouse says:

    Technically it’s a photo of an LCD screen. Jus’ sayin… 

    • teapot says:

       ..depends whether what is on the screen has been shot or if it’s a live view of what the camera is seeing. If the shutter button has been pushed and a photo saved to the card then what you are seeing in this shot is as much of a photo as a printed photo is. Jus’ sayin…

  4. teapot says:

    Now with meta histogram.

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