Robert Armstrong's painted Django Guitar


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  1. noah django says:

    this pleases me

  2. telaquapacky says:

    Django’s left hand isn’t quite right. There was a fire in the Reinhardt family trailer and Django terribly burned his left hand rescuing his son. He was left with the use of only a couple of fingers to do all those amazing riffs. It’s a monumental testimony to the music in the man’s soul that it managed to get out still in spite of his having a gimped-up left hand.

  3. Here’s a wonderful clip that show’s Django’s left hand very clearly. You can see he sometimes uses his burned fingers for chords, just as danimagoo says.

  4. BabsonTask says:

    I scanned this as “Robert Armstrong’s patented Django’s Guitar” and I arrived here in a state of high dudgeon. Pleasantly surprised.

  5. Nancy J Gill says:

    But his left hand looks practically normal – it was much more distorted than that.

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