3D printer trading cards from the future


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  1. IndexMe says:

    I would buy them but prefer everything in microns or mm please! Sorry for quibbling they are otherwise very cool looking.

  2. Keith Tyler says:

    I wish I could set a long-future alarm for when repraps are actually, you know, affordable. Not only will that be when I will likely get one, it will also be when millions of others do, and the 3d printing revolution will actually start.

    Until then it’s just technoyuppie dick-waving, frankly.

    • Tynam says:

      I wouldn’t think of it as that long into the future; renting as opposed to owning one is affordable now, and the rest is likely to reduce in cost for the usual mass-takeup reasons.  I’m guessing a decade… with significant changes in industry due to 3d printing revolution long before them.

      (At last year’s UK games expo, I saw a space wargame being played with custom-printed miniatures, including some awesome designs that could never have been cast.  When a marginal consumer leisure item can be custom-designed per person instead of mass-produced – and for only about 10% more than the mass-produced casting – the future’s here.)

  3. Purplecat says:

    The generation who would be collecting the 3d printer trading cards would completely miss the concept behind them.

    “Some of these mass-produced cards were considered more valuable than others? All based on a conspiracy to restrict the availability of some of them?”

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