Energy is more than sources; energy is systems


5 Responses to “Energy is more than sources; energy is systems”

  1. Aaron Swain says:

    Didn’t get but 10 minutes into this interview before deciding to buy the book (finally!).

  2. penguinchris says:

    They’ve got a relatively classy little studio there, as opposed to the typical radio studio booth type setup.

  3. Rosin Ffield says:

    Let’s all pretend that machines and methods that SOLVE energy crysis are not brutally supressed, or in some cases inventors even killed. Water automobile anyone? John Bedini anyone (to start with only…).

  4. earthandstaplesthat says:

    That was an hour well spent. I’m far more pessimistic about straightforward political solutions to energy and climate but my pessimism doesn’t in any way negate an informative, thoughtful, and hopeful hour of talk about climate and energy. I’ve read boingboing since, IIRC, the second print issue and I think Maggie is quickly becoming my favorite contributor. At least once a week, I stop at a Koerth-Baker post and use my brain for a hour or more.  

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