Lazy harp seal has no job


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  1. Steve Taylor says:

    This makes me improbably cheerful.

  2. TheKaz1969 says:

    Great, another catchy Parry Gripp song. Well, at least I’ll get Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute out of my head now…

  3. vytautasmalesh says:

    Why would I *want* this song out of my head?!? 

    LAZY HARP SEAL 2012!!!

  4. millie fink says:

    Arrgghh, I’m hooked! Damn you, Maggie!

  5. OldBrownSquirrel says:

    Harp seal is popular with the ladies. Do I detect some resentment from Parry Gripp?

  6. Nell Anvoid says:

    Fine. But what does Lazy Harp Seal think of his life when he lies awake in the morning staring at the snow?  Does he have regrets? Does he think of what might have been if he wasn’t so lazy?  Sure there are the girls, the glamour…but what does it all mean?

  7. Just_Ok says:

    Yah, it’s been replaced by Frantics: Boot to the Head. Nyah Nyah

  8. crwatson21 says:

    I love Parry Gripp.

  9. Terry Fairbrother says:

    no earworm for me, but “back it up, my daddy taught me good” keeps popping into my head.

  10. jaysonelliot says:

    Here’s the original show that the footage is from, if you’d like more majestic vistas and harp seal cuteness:

  11. Editz says:

    TMBG is not amused.

  12. rtresco says:

    I love how one of the videos to watch at the end is Azealia Banks – 212, maybe the exact opposite of this video.

  13. travtastic says:


  14. Paul Renault says:

    Hmm, video evidence that these people are breaking the law (if they’re in Canada).

    There are minimum distances that you have to keep from harp seals.  Even if your name is Paul McCartney.

  15. OriGuy says:

    Harp seal sashimi, anyone?

  16. gullevek says:

    What have you don?

    I can’t stop listening to this song.

    Cross posting around the universe …

  17. Rachael Hoffman-Dachelet says:

    Damn you, damn you to hell Maggie K-B!  How am I going to get rid of that without resorting to Conjunction Junction?

  18. Culturedropout says:

    That gives me an idea.  Asian chicks are hot.  I’m already shaped basically like a harp seal and I lay around a lot.  1) Steal a white fursuit, 2) ???, 3) Profit.  XD

  19. DevinC says:

    The REAL issue isn’t whether these harp seals are lazy or not, but whether or not they have opportunities and a real social safety net.

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