Kevin Mack and Snow Mack art show in LA

Gweek podcast guest Kevin Mack and Snow Mack have an art opening this Saturday at the Barbara Mendes Gallery in Los Angeles. I love their work.

Snow was in the 25th Anniversary show of La Luz de Jesus in 2011. Her painting, "Cheesy Rider" is included in the book La Luz de Jesus 25, The Little Gallery That Could.

Kevin Mack is a pioneering Digital Artist and Academy Award winning Visual Effects Designer. He received the Oscar for his work on the film "What Dreams May Come."

Inspired by visions, dreams and imagination, Kevin uses a variety of digital tools and processes to create psychoactive objects of contemplation that dissolve traditional boundaries of medium, style and genre. Kevin's work is focused on philosophical, spiritual and scientific imponderables.

Kevin Mack and Snow Mack art show in LA