RIP Jay Kay Klein: Fandom's Photographer Rests in Peace


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  1. Stefan Jones says:

    How sad! I remember being bemused at how many pictures in Locus were by this one guy. It is wonderful that least his legacy  is secure.

    Klein was a guest at a few the campus SF conventions (I-Con, Stony Brook LI) my friends ran back in the day. I remember him arriving with a few other New York area SF notables . . . he was utterly boggled and dismayed by the  traffic on the Long Island Expressway. Of course he had his camera with him, and back then I-Con was lousy with pros so he probably had a field day.

  2. Steve Taylor says:

    Plus a short piece on Michael Swanwick’s blog, at

    Edit: also, Craig Peterson sounds like a hell of a guy.

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