Roasted gold-leaved foetus collection was for black magic

Earlier today, a mysterious report from Thailand simply noted that a man was arrested for "possession of a foetus." The Telegraph has more:

Six human foetuses which had been roasted and covered in gold leaf as part of a black magic ritual have been seized from a British citizen in Bangkok, Thai police said today. Chow Hok Kuen, 28, who is of Taiwanese origin, was arrested with the grisly haul in the city's Chinatown yesterday, police said. The corpses had been packed into luggage and were set to be smuggled to Taiwan.

Police say he planned to sell the foetuses, which bring good fortune to the owner.

Man arrested over roasted foetuses [Telegraph]


  1. Especially potent if stored between a tiger paw and a rhino horn, facing southeast of course. 

  2.  Suddenly I’m imagining an Occupy Taiwan protest featuring signs and chants criticizing the use of gold leaf-covered fetuses for good luck.

  3. I was wrong. In the other post I stated it must’ve been an internet scam and they weren’t human foeti. 

    At least I’m eating crow and not…

  4. Every time I slowly begin to think that the human race is finally, slowly, inexorably moving towards some trace of civilization, stories like this bring my optimism crashing to the ground in a burning flaming wreck of superstition and magic belief.

    tldr; most humans are still disturbingly archaic.

  5. OK, this is weird.  But praying to imaginary dieties who require blood sacrifice to forgive a miniscule Original Indiscretion is not weird.  Also, swearing fealty to them at football games and thanking them at awards ceremonies, is not weird. Also, saying their name when you stub your toe or having sex: not weird.

    1. Well, to be fair the original indiscretion was an act of blatant scrumping. Those cheeky scamps, eh? Maybe not blood sacrifice material but certainly enough to have a farmer shout at them to leave his apples alone.

  6. Having been there, I suspect this probably isn’t the weirdest thing you can find (if you know where to look/who to ask) in Bangkok’s Chinatown. FYI(?)

    Also, if you’re wondering where the fetuses came from: last time I was in Thailand one of the big news stories was some old lady somewhere in the sprawl of Bangkok who performed back-street abortions… and had a stash of hundreds or thousands of fetuses in jars under her floorboards. I suspect she isn’t the only one.

      1. Well, one never knows when one might need a few for… some… uh, purpose…

        Naw, that really is messed up.

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