Visualizing GOP presidential candidate approval ratings as 3D printed buttplugs


27 Responses to “Visualizing GOP presidential candidate approval ratings as 3D printed buttplugs”

  1. as a side note, has anyone noticed that razor handles resemble butt plugs?  i’m sure this is no accident; razor companies have to compete among the many men who use their razors as buttplugs.  think of this way:  where do you often masturbate?  do you like to stick things up your ass as you do so?   read more here:

    • retchdog says:

      amusing, but if true, they could be doing a MUCH better job. i’m just going to assume this guy hasn’t used any OXO kitchen utensils…

  2. dorkhero says:

    Just goes to show you most Republicans are a pain in the ass.

  3. Clinton says:

    Oh, internet. Never stop being amazing.

    • voiceinthedistance says:

      Still penetratingly accurate, even in deja vu mode.

    • penguinchris says:

      Well, this comment thread has separated those who read BoingBoing on Mondays and those who have nothing to do on Friday nights (I guess I’m both).

  4. msbpodcast says:

    While I will that most contestants in the great game of politics are ass-licking 1%ers and pains in the metaphorical butt, I can’t see, hear, smell, taste or feel any purpose for shoving the little shits where the sun don’t shine.

    How ’bout if we rally round the bonfire as we burn them all in effigy (which is a small town in Wyoming, I believe.)

  5. ethanwc says:

    I don’t know if this makes the GOP seem worse, or the Dems. This is unnecessary.

  6. humanresource says:

    Topical, state of the art transgressive surrealism – if there was a banana involved, this post would be BB in a nutshell.

  7. I looked at these and thought “O.K.  Michele Bachmann looks least unpleasant.”  And that made me realize how wildly far these things are from reality.

  8. G Cardenas says:

    that is hilarious!

  9. gws says:

    Santorum: ouch.

  10. rationalthought says:

    Democracy: public opinion chooses how you are going to get fucked in the ass by a fake.

  11. Tyler Griffiths says:

    I struggle to see how this will be the *only* time people will get fucked by (candidate)

  12. chris jimson says:

    I’d buy that for a dollar (and insert it for $50.)

  13. chris jimson says:

    I’d buy that for a dollar (and insert it for $50.)

  14. rationalthought says:

    The Romney: Will be difficult to accept initially, so will be pushed hard by the base. Once installed will prove very difficult to remove, and could cause permanent damage.
    -You’ll really know you’re being fucked when The Romney is in.

  15. Clarissa Dalloway says:

    Where is the Herman Cain?

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