4th grader's automatic cat feeder


8 Responses to “4th grader's automatic cat feeder”

  1. einsteinatthemall says:

    I’d like to see it in action – I’m sure it’s very “Rube Goldberg-esque”

    With a little modification, this cat feeder would make a decent ATM machine. Just substitute 20 dollar bills for cat food.

  2. DevinC says:

    Needs more stickers.

    Preferably of space unicorns.

  3. pjcamp says:

    If it’s for cats, why are there dogs on top?

  4. AccordionIdol says:

    This is awesome!  
    [I am aware that hardly needs saying, but I notice that unequivocally awesome things strangely seem to garner fewer comments on BB nowadays, and I'm trying to redress the balance]

  5. therl says:

    Awesome! I could do with one of these….

  6. philllies says:

    They got to be fed before the boxing match

  7. jan angevine says:

    More cow bell, please. Only thing missing.

  8. dioptase says:

    No thanks.  I’ll keep my stick shift cats.  Better mileage.

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