Robin Gibb, 1/3 of the Bee Gees, has died of cancer at 62


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  1. NO. I refuse to accept this as fact. I shall forever be in denial of the Bee Gees’ Mortality. I feel for the poor souls who cannot find a way of dealing with this, but I’ll listen to their old records until I can deal with the world again, and carry on my merry way. May he rest in peace and his family have the privacy and support they truly deserve. (Insert chosen deity here) Bless. Ramen

    • einsteinatthemall says:

      Of course, the easiest card to play regarding a Bee Gee death is the “DISCO SUCKS” card – anybody who plays this card has obviously never explored the vast, multi-layered Bee Gees output pre-1975 – it’s funny, the first Bee Gee’s “disco” song I ever heard was “Nights On Broadway” (when it first came out) and I heard it on one of our local hard rock stations, mixed in with Jethro Tull and Elton John. Other songs like “Jive Talkin” were considered POP and simply re-labeled a few years later on as disco. RIP ROBIN GIBB!

      • wrybread says:

        Totally agreed. Even in their disco era they were downright R&B. I recently found Spirits Having Flown [streaming link] on vinyl at a thriftshop, and can’t believe how good it is. They did it right after Saturday Night Fever so I was expecting it to be soaked in disco, but after the first 2 songs it isn’t at all. It almost sounds like Smokey Robinson. Must have sucked to be so pigeonholed as a disco band while they were making such amazingly creative and experimental music.

  2. dexitroboper says:

    With this and Donna Summer last week, it really is death to disco.

    • einsteinatthemall says:

      Nope. Disco is still alive. One of the many franchised versions of the VILLAGE PEOPLE played our local PRIDE festival this weekend
      (“it’s fun to stay at the…Y-M-C-A!  Ooh – Ooh!”)

  3. rattypilgrim says:

    Never a Bee Gees fan but, “Where are you now?  Tears on my pillow” seems especially poignant.

  4. cstatman says:

    can not resist…     (RIP Robin.   Fuck Cancer)

  5. I knew it was gonna be this song under the fold.

    And since it’s become something  of a slogan around here: Fuck Cancer.

  6. kringlebertfistyebuns says:

    To pick a nit, it would be more accurate to say one of TWO Bee Gees is gone.  The third, Maurice, died in 2003.

    • dbergen says:

      It didn’t say ‘one of the three LIVING Bee Gees’.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Out of five Gibbs, one died at 62, one at 53 and one at 30.  And all three from unrelated illnesses.  WTF?

      • EnglebertFlaptyback says:

        There are five siblings?  Andy, Maurice, Robin, Barry…?  [googles]  Ah, Lesley.  How did she escape my notice, I wonder?

  7. dbergen says:

    Link to Stayin’ Alive? Really? Wow.

    Michael Hutchence ‘Suicide Blonde’ much?

  8. victorvictorian says:

    while i do appreciate the title of  the track you posted, i have a deep and abiding love for the first incarnation of the Bee Gees and must insist that the below linked is a more apropos song with which to sing this fine soul out from among us:

  9. cstatman says:

    cancer is a horrible sickness, and the chemo to help you “survive” is almost as bad.   Until you have gone through chemo?  you really do not understand chemo.  but I will tell you this.  It gives you instant perspective of how fragile and fleeting life really is.   AND?  it gives you an insane sense of humor, as that is often the only tool to help you cope with the chemo.

    (plus?  with no eyebrows?  i totally looked like Dr. Evil form Austin Powers)

    and yes,   I, I, I ,  stayin alive….    RIP Robin.

  10. bbonyx says:

    Fanny, be tender…
    You know how easy it is to break me.

    Miss your brothers already (don’t forget Andy), will miss you.  Still owe you and your family for so many happy moments.

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