Rolling Stone: "Ed Piskor is the Next Big Thing in Books"


5 Responses to “Rolling Stone: "Ed Piskor is the Next Big Thing in Books"”

  1. benher says:

    Good for you Piskor-san! 

    Can’t wait for a A1-sized poster of the Hip Hop Family Tree! According to some people on some websites that claim that according to some studies you are going to be making these right? ;)

  2. hughstimson says:

    Hip Hop Family Tree is the best comic I’ve read since Cerebus the Aardvark. Actually it’s better. If Wizzywig is coming from the same brain bucket then I would imagine it’s some fine work.

    I’m still wandering around contemplating on the notion that Afrika Bambaata both ran a murderous brooklynite gang AND was influenced by krautrock and Gary Numan. What a world!

  3. noah django says:

    DUDE, Ed, you’re twenty-nine?  Dog, I figured you for my age (add approx a decade,) what with your interest in stuff everyone seems to have forgotten.  Why do you care about a bunch of old-man stuff, youngbuck?  Anyhow, it seems odd to me, but please don’t stop.  As I’ve said before, fantastic work.

  4. Woo-hoo, Ed Piskor! Keep up the good work, dude! 

  5. puppybeard says:

    Sounds like a cool book, but didn’t John Draper discover the whistle/phone exploit in the early 70s?

    Credit where it’s due and all.

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