Creepy book cover (can you spot why?)

Larger size here. And, Amazon link, if you're so inclined. (Thanks, Joe Sabia, via Reddit)


          1. “that was an… interesting act. what do you call yourselves?”

            “the moderators!”

        1.  If I had a penny for every time I read that line, and then immediately after didn’t shit a brick, I would…have an awful lot of pennies. It has never delivered on its promise. Never! (And yes, I have always seen “it”)

  1. It’s the same creepy feeling I get when I see lovely shots of the doomed World Trade Center in the pleasant background pans of old TV shows like “Friends” and “Law and Order”

      1. The last line is always sung by the character  Judas.   Not so creepy after all. Back to the book, how or why was that photo picked?

    1. Want to get really creeped out? Watch the first episode of The Lone Gunmen. It aired March 4, 2001 and involves a large passenger plane being remote-controlled and almost hitting the World Trade Center.

      1. i dunno, i think this has it beat; some of frothing nutcases on youtube actually take it as serious “evidence” of the illuminati.

        steve jackson did 9/11!

    2. And Microsoft removed the world trade center from their flight simulator program.

      Then there is the Simpsons NYC episode where Homer has to get his car from the WTC.

    3. Ever listened to the album Party Music by The Coup?
      This was the original cover, due for release September 2001; thankfully the release got delayed and they had a chance to replace the stock with a new cover.

      1. Ever listened to the album Party Music by The Coup?

        Something tells me the only people who answer “yes” to that question are well aware of the cover. Further, I guarantee 1000x+ more people have heard about the pulled cover than even got close to listening to it :)

        (I’m judging a book by its cover – heh – and don’t know if it’s actually any good, but I suspect not)

        1. The beats are average, their lyrics are great. They’ve got a couple of killer tracks: I’d recommend Fat Cats Bigga Fish from Genocide and Juice.

    4. That fall I was working in post production on Will & Grace, and we had to do a bit of nailbiting over what to do about establishing stock shots of the NYC skyline that featured the towers.  Should we leave them in?  Digitally erase them?

      For the most part we just avoided skyline shots for a while, and in finished episodes that were about to air we swapped out the stock shots for other angles.  Eventually we  resumed using skylines, but with digitally-erased towers, because innocuous sitcom-appropriate skyline shots filmed post-9/11 were hard to come by for a couple years.

      I don’t believe the artist who erased the towers for us enjoyed his work at all that day.  In any event, it was really strange working on a NYC-set show that had such a pre-9/11 carefree joyfulness to it, and made no mention at all of 9/11 for several months.  Comedy required a defter touch than usual for a while there.

    5.  Or when the WTC is featured in cartoons. One episode of The Real Ghostbusters had Egon fall from the roof of one of the towers (saved by the flying Ecto-2 gyrocopter) and at least one episode of Gargoyles had pivotal scenes take place on the tower roofs too.

        1. From what I can see, there are stairs leading to a platform with an entrance. The stairs are on the left side. The right side cannot be seen. For all we know, the right side may be a ramp, as opposed to stairs, making the building equally accessible.

          1. During my school days, the kids in wheel chairs were further discriminated against by having to use separate drinking fountains and toilets, just like black people in the Jim Crow era!

    1. So were most of the buildings (in the US) prior to the publication of this book.
      ADA only took effect in older buildings when they were remodeled.  Until then, caveat auriga.

    1. Yes, yes! The big pink letters against a blue background. Soooo creepy! Just plain bad aesthetics, and should only be used for mystery novels set in Florida. Oh, and that Columbine thing.

  2. Just like all the film edits to remove the WTC from the NY skyline, the Orwellian history editors miss a few items.

  3. “Just” needs to be removed from the tagline, it flows much better that way.
    (And possibly the “will” as well.)

  4. Another female author humiliated by the reduction of her first name to an initial, because, you know, boys won’t buy books written by girls???

    1. I have to admit, I was horrified that Jo Rowling had to do that in 1997.

      1. Is that why she did it?  I had no idea.  Thought maybe she was seeking a mixture of literariness (like J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and R.L. Stine.  Lol.) and protection of her privacy, like maybe her neighbors wouldn’t immediately realize that ol’ Jo Rowling from down the lane was that Rowling, writing books about witchcraft.

        Well, hooray for Bloomsbury for even-more-unwarranted-than-usual sexism.  Imagine all the boys who’ve passed up Potter once Rowling’s gender secret was revealed.  Think of all the lost revenue!


      1. You know what? There is NO Easter Bunny! Over there, that’s just a guy in a suit!

        ((though it was a  geometric pattern actually))

  5. Wow. Reminds me in the wake of 9/11, I watched an episode of “The Lone Gunmen” – a spinoff from the X-Files – that dealt with almost the exact same plot as played out in real life. Apparently that episode came out six months before the tragedy occurred. I always wondered what the producers/crew and particularly, the writer, thought about that. Must have been a mind-screw.

  6. I probably read this book.  I used to love the trashy horror teenage books published by Point.

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