Fool-the-eye van paintjob

This is the ultimate in aspirational automotive paintjobs, surely. It's more unsourced net.stuff -- anyone know where it originated?

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. Why didn’t they move that car out of the way, so I could see this sweet paint job?

  2. I’d guess it’s from Russia. The partial sign in the upper right corner ( Стома ) could be the start of ( Стоматолог ) –  which is the Russian word for “Dentist”. Not conclusive, but indicative. Another possible indication is that the sorts of screened-in balconies seen in the background are common in Russia.

    1. English is plenty glamorous. We’re not much of a French speaking country. Now if you suggest a Spanish or Panjabi phrase I might be in favor of that.

  3. Because nothing says ‘safe driving’ like deceiving other drivers’ depth perception.

    1. First thing I thought too; I already have problems telling whether cars adjacent to me are in the very next lane or one over. Seeing this would drive me nuts. 

  4. It lets the van get away with using the ‘Compact only’ slots in parking garages. Clever!

    1. Pickup truck and SUV drivers don’t seem to care about the “compact only” signs, but you rarely see large vans in them. You may be on to something.

  5. I know! I know!

    Yes, this was originally done by Mr. Red Green of the Red Green show.

    1. Nothing strange about screening in a porch if you’re in mosquito country.  Or is that glass, making the balconies ad hoc 3-season rooms?

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