Former Warner Music CTO: Of course leaked albums drive sales!

On Twitter, former Warner Music CTO Ethan Kaplan greets the "surprising" news that file sharing of pre-release albums drives demand with acerbic and admirable sarcasm: "Let me simplify this answer: YES IT LEADS TO MORE SALES. DEMAND = DEMAND W/ $$$$$$ IF PRODUCT GOOD."

Simplified further: MUSIC BUSINESS (RECORDED): your product isn't diamonds mined from a secret mythical land.

And beyond broadband/napster/whatever, what hurt you the most is PEOPLE FIGURED THAT OUT. Cynicism caught up with you.

Ethan's one of the good'uns.

Former Record Label Exec Ethan Kaplan: Duh, Of Course More File Sharing Leads To More Sales


  1. Friday someone posted Gorillaz – DARE (Live) on Reddit. No idea where it came from, cause it was from the Glastonbury set which has never been released. 
    Long story short: 48 hours later I own three of their albums and have ordered the live DVD. That’s a lot of money I never intended to spend on music until someone “stole” their copyright and then linked it to me. 

  2. Most of what entertainment I have (including books) started out as me either pirating, youtubing, or downloading a badly OCR’d pdf. Lot of it is stuff I never would have considered if i had to shell money out BEFORE getting my mitts on it.

    Since then it’s been mostly a process of making legal the things I’ve enjoyed and junking the stuff I found lacking because it’s taking up drive space.

    1. This.

      A million times this.

      Even playwrights have gotten performance royalties they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten due to making free PDF’s available, and being smart enough to include contact info. (In my case it was for an amateur production where I was able to contact the author, ask for his permission and directly negotiate performance rights).

  3. I agree with you tofagerl, half the music I’ve bought is from bands I would have never heard of without file sharing. Though I’ve found some pretty wretched bands via file sharing.

    1.  I credit youtube for my ever expanding collection of folk metal and metal bands from europe. Also I would have likely never heard one of the most epic songs ever..

      Now I’m just waiting until this week’s paycheque hits the bank to order several Heidvolk cds

  4. The RIAA will go down as the biggest consortium of stupid greedy baboons that has ever walked the face of the earth.

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