HGich.T: Tutenchamun (music video)

[Video Link] What is this I don't even. The artist is HGich.T, the song "Tutenchamun." Original video sans subtitles and explanations are here. It's several years old, but new to me. (HT: @treyka)


  1. Tall rapper with flat-top
    Skinny blonde with clothes falling off
    Retro rave beats
    Kitschy mish-mash aesthetic

    So…Die Antwoord is selling franchises?

      1. They’re like Die Antwoord on crack. How the hell that’s even possible, I have no idea.

  2. I really loved this. It’s almost as good as that Russian video by Mummy-Troll where the pickle people are engaging  in public debauchery with dissolute furries.

    1. She’s quite cute, which tells me that the reason I don’t have a girlfriend isn’t that I’m too weird, but rather, am not even close to being weird ENOUGH.

  3. Man the Germans and Japanese take the prize for weird shit on the internet. They should get together some time and … oh wait. NVM, bad idea.

  4. Unbelievable… this song is fairly famous within germans youth, espacially the drugs & goa/gabber community. Even though everyone you ask will tell you it’s horrible. Just so you know, the grammar is very, very bad!
    If you liked that, you might also like this one, different artis but same sort of humor (i think) – sadly no subtitles:

    p.s. I really hate your new comment system… the site is so bloated now..

  5. I was in Munich last month and caught this video while randomly flipping through the hotel TV, and I’ve been trying to find it ever since! It’s nearly impossible to try to explain this to someone without showing them.

  6. This song is the best song in the universe ya? It has it all ya? drama, pathos, light sabres, elvin ears, goa, dodgy guys with eyeliner. My life is now complete ya?

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