Sexy typewriter postcards of yore

On How to Be a Retronaut, an invigorating, 1910s-1920s gallery of winsome, partially unclothed lasses posed with typewriters. Hummina. 23 and/or skiddoo! They're ganked from marvellous Virtual Antique Typewriter Museum.

Typewriter Erotica c. 1920s (via Making Light)


  1. The read more tags show ‘OLD SCHOOL SEX TYPEWRITERS’, i was so hoping to be able to click on that

  2. Fun fact: When the typewriter was originally invented, the same term (typewriter) referred to both the machine and the girl hired to operate it.

    This led to a number of risqué jokes, such as one about a businessman who’d gone bankrupt and was writing to his wife:

    “Dear Blanche,
    I have been forced to sell off my assets, furniture, etc . . . . and am sitting here writing this with my typewriter in my lap.”

    1. Was not the term computer a reference to young ladies that would sit in a office all day doing various repetitive math tasks by hand (and perhaps a mechanical calculator in more up scale places)?

      1. Not sure. I’d always heard that it was from ‘computers’ (protomathematicians) who would do tasks by hand, but I’d thought it dated back earlier, to before Charles Babbage.

      1. Well looky here, we’ve got ourselves a hipster flapper!

        Going to speakesies and drinking wood alcohol BEFORE it was illegal.
        Rooting for the Dodgers when they were STILL the Superbas (Brooklyn reference, get it?).

  3. Those are sexy typewriters, indeed.  It’s hard to get a good look at all the details, though, with those legs in the way.

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