Toronto neighbours turn their laneway into a garage-door art-gallery


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  1. Sofia Ortiz says:

    This project is really cool! I would love to live on a street like that. But I would also like to point out that sometimes (though not in the pre-painting examples given in the gallery) graffiti is art, too. So the sentence, “fighitng graffiti with art” on the page sounds a little strange. Otherwise, great beautifying project (: Kudos to the two ladies.

  2. DewiMorgan says:

    How long until the Mayor declares this to be graffiti?

  3. kmoser says:

    If a graffiti artist paints the door a solid color, is it still graffiti?

  4. UncaScrooge says:

    This may discourage Graffiti, but nothing can discourage Graffiti’s bastard cousin, Tagging. Graffiti turns the streets into a gallery.  Tagging turns the streets into a Memorandum of Understanding.

    • semiotix says:

      I’m pretty sure this will more effectively dissuade “taggers” (i.e., territorial kids who make ugly urban settings even uglier because shit is all fucked up and bullshit) than it will anyone who thinks of him or herself as a “graffiti artist.”

  5. joeposts says:

    Cool, that’s my neighbourhood! I walk down there every other day. Good place to smoke weed. I had no idea there was any organization behind the artworks. It ties in well with Wychwood Barns, an art gallery/public garden/community centre right across the street.

    I’ve been astounded by some of the art that appears in Toronto’s alleys and laneways since I moved here a few years ago. If you can’t afford the AGO, just get a bike and cruise around a bit!

  6. SKR says:

    very nice. sadly, people in L.A. have received compliance orders for unpermitted murals when they were trying to do the same thing.

    • D Wyatt says:

      And this is why America is great.  Try to make a plain thing beautiful and the city decides its a nuisance and then fine the good people.  Having a hard time remembering what is Great about America, besides the people…. Anybody?

    • curgoth says:

       It’s happened in Toronto as well. The city has gone and painted over murals it comissioned itself in the name of fighting rampant art.

  7. Susan Carley Oliver says:

     Ditto Portland.

  8. Purplecat says:

    I can’t remember exactly where it was, But I remember seeing something similar in Chinatown, just off Dundas st.  A restaurant had  converted the alley next to them into a mural that covered both walls and the street, turning them into a giant river scene. Immersive art indeed. Worked to keep the taggers away and the gawking tourists also discouraged the other traditional alleyway pastime.

  9. sam1148 says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen those exact murals or very similar style in rec rooms in the 70′s. 

  10. D Wyatt says:

    I really like the pictures and the people who made them possible.

    This is beautiful and should be continued and replicated all over the world.  My first thought was to start an initiative in my area but my second thought was that I would be fined and jailed.   

  11. dilinger says:

    Arguably, the “dipshit mayor’s” fines have caused the residents to care enough to beautify their lane; in other words, the policy worked.  :)

    Okay, now that I’m done playing devil’s advocate.. I need to convince some Seattle residents who live on a Greenway to do something like this!

    • ocker3 says:

       A more direct method would be to subsidise paint supplies for artists who beautify the city like this, and hold a competition for the best art. So rather than spending city money in a negative way, spend it in a positive way, thus boosting your actual street cred and re-election chances.

  12. Kludgegrrl says:

    There have been a number of such initiatives here in Toronto.  Croft Street had a great mural done a few years ago, and there have been a variety of  efforts by home-owners and business owners in the “south Annex”.  This link shows some of the examples (scroll down).

  13. phuzz says:

    That’s what the graffiti  looks like round where I live (Stokes Croft in Bristol).
    Also, taggers should be chained to a wall until they learn to paint.

  14. Singe says:

    That first image with the deer reminds me of

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