All-in-one slipcased edition of Sandman

Here's some lovely news: DC is bringing out an all-ten-volumes-in-one-slipcase edition of Neil Gaiman's Sandman. Gaiman writes, "I’m thrilled. You have no idea how long I’ve been asking DC to do one of these. (Er, about 16 years.)"

The all-ten-volumes-in-one-slipcase-edition of SANDMAN

Amazon pre-order page

(via Wil Wheaton)


  1. Can anybody tell me what the f* is “6 3/4 x 3 3/8 x 10 5/16” means?

    Sorry, I’m European and thick.

    1.  European here too, and I find those dimensions meaningless too – but using Google to convert them to real isn’t exactly difficult….

      1. yeah, but how hard is it for Amazon to actually specify the unit? 

        I thought as well they’d be inches, but for what I know they might have been some other special “fumbledood” unit only used in the US publishing business.

        1. Specifying the unit ought to be easy enough (you just put a double-quote (“) somewhere in there, indicating inches). Still, only our dumb units are ever specified in power-of-2 fractions.

  2. Hmph. This would come out after I bought volumes 1-5 and before I bought 6-10…

  3. I wonder what the price will be like compared to the Absolute editions.

    EDIT: 200 bucks? If you’re going to spend that much on Sandman, spend a little more and get the giant archival-style books. Incredibly worth the expense.

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