Business cards made from concrete


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  1. Antinous / Moderator says:

    business-cards screened on wafer-thin slices of marble

    Well, now I want business cards made of genetically engineered carpaccio.

  2. Rex Tyler says:

    The character Wellington Ma used marble business cards in Gibson’s 1993 novel, “Virtual Light.”

    • retchdog says:

      yup! pedantry follows, ignore: it was actually pink quartz, and the point of it was that it was so pretty, fragile and dangerous (basically a razor-thin shard of glass) that it forced the recipient to worry about it and thus think of his company. pretty clever.

      • Jonathan Roberts says:

        I’ve got a toddler in my house, so offering me that business card would mean I would either a) decline the card and write the information on a piece of paper that I would promptly lose or b) go with a competitor.

        • retchdog says:

          i really don’t think you’re supposed to take it that seriously. the bridge trilogy gibsonverse is too grimly cool for toddlers to exist at all. at two months of age, children instantly transition to either child prodigy über-hackers; socially elite fixers; cyber-criminals; or beaten-down thirty-something salarymen.

  3. perkzlfaty says:

    Rex and retchdog are correct – it is ‘Virtual Light’ – to wit “Wellington Ma’s business card was a rectangular slice of pink synthetic quartz, laser-engraved with his name, ‘The Ma-Mariano Agency,’ an address on Beverly Boulevard, and all kinds of numbers and e-mail addresses. It arrived by GlobEx in its own little gray suede envelope while Rydell was still in the hospital.”

  4. Hollando says:

    “‘Looks like you could cut yourself on it,’ Rydell said.

    ‘You could, many no doubt have,’ said Karen Mendelsohn, ‘and if you put it in your wallet and sit down, it shatters.’

    ‘Then what’s the point of it?’

    ‘You’re supposed to take very good care of it. You won’t get another.’  ”

    That last bit was my favorite part.

  5. Ryan Holmes says:

    Isn’t concrete incredibly bad for the environment?

  6. Colm Buckley says:

    +Ryan : yeah, it’s quite a high source of CO2; however I don’t think a few kg of business cards are going to have a huge impact compared with the millions of tonnes which are poured each day…

  7. I’d like to see either the Nemesis Ti-Card or Iain Sinclair cardsharp used as a business card.–Nemesis-Knives-TiCard–5303 and for the cardsharp

  8. semiotix says:

    Look at that subtle off-gray coloring, the tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a watermark!

  9. the Gibson novel is Virtual Light…

  10. Jake0748 says:

    Murmure is such a stupid name for a company. If I got one of those “cards”, I’d toss it into the lake (where it would promptly sink to the bottom).  

    • Beanolini says:

      I’d toss it into the lake

      actually, it would probably skim really well.

      I’d like to think it could be cracked open to reveal a conventional business card hidden inside.

  11. ChickieD says:

    It seems to me that it would be ridiculously heavy and clumsy to carry around. Imagine if you are going to a convention and you need to hand out a bunch of business cards; what – do you carry a backpack for your business cards?

  12. It’s memorable and delicate and fun. Great for a creative industry. I don’t get the complaints about “not being able to carry in your pocket”.  Because everyone carries stacks of business cards in their pockets? Silly. Everyone at conventions carry some type of bag anyway.

    If I were a client, it would go right in the mouth of my t-rex toy in my office.

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