Commodore 64 keytar weilded by rollerskating hacker


10 Responses to “Commodore 64 keytar weilded by rollerskating hacker”

  1. splashu says:

    So, so awesome. I thought it was just a bass and synth glued together but it actually converts the fretted notes as well. 

  2. Teller says:

    Welded or wielded?

  3. mykie242 says:

    I’m questioning the decision to  use the old brown C64 for the keys, its old membrane keyboard was unreliable as all get out.

    I personally went through 5 of these where keys would randomly and permanently fail to register before finally obtaining a C64-C with a far more reliable keyboard.

  4. koko szanel says:

    the bird robot was soo cool

  5. jimh says:

    I understood very little of the discussion beyond “It’s a keytar”.
    But I love her.

  6. dculberson says:

    Oh my goodness, could Jeri get any cooler?  What an awesome person.

  7. CoyoteDen says:

    Bass Guitar? Hopefully she tweaked the filters. The SID had a considerable bit of low-frequency rolloff, and the lack of a true sine waveform didn’t help. The 8580 in the c128 was a bit better than the 6581.

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