Disneyland's tiki bar has its own tiki mugs

Trader Sam's, the (fab) Trader Vic's knockoff tiki bar at the Disneyland Hotel, has rolled out its own line of souvenir tiki mugs, which are reminiscent of the old Trader Vic's mugs, but with rather good designs that are all their own.

New Tiki mugs are Trader Sam’s Barrel Mug, with Shipwreck on the Rocks made with bourbon, freshly muddled lemon and mint with organic agave nectar. “Have too many of these and you’ll be setting a course for Davy Jones’ locker!”

Also new is the “bowl” for the Uh Oa! This popular drink is made with light and dark rums, orange, passion fruit, guava, and grapefruit juices, falernum, cinnamon and freshly squeezed lime juice. This one is “recommended for two or more guests,” so be responsible and share with your friendly natives.

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  1. Trader Sam’s, the (fab) Trader Vic’s knockoff tiki bar at the Disneyland Hotel

    Huh, who would have ever expected Disney to grab someone else’s idea instead of coming up with their own. Man bites dog, indeed.

  2. House Industries font, naturally. these look nice. am i the only one surprised that disneyland uses falernum?

  3. We went there on Sunday actually.  The bar is very interactive.  Every time someone orders the drink on the top, the lights dim, there’s thunder and lightning, and it starts to “rain” inside the bar.  There are also “paintings” of volcano’s that move and erupt when a different drink is ordered.  Also, the bar stools are on hydraulic jacks that can be operated by the bartenders.  This happened to me when the bartender said “Look, it’s the incredible shrinking man.”  I then proceeded to be lowered down until I was about eye level with the bar. (I’m 6′ 2″, so that was quite a ways down.)  Finally, if you look at the drink at the top, the bowls on the corner contain cinnamon.  This is used to pinch and throw into the flame, resulting in a small flareup and sparks.  I tell everyone about this place, and we make a point of going there every time we visit the park.  It’s like having a bar in the Enchanted Tiki Room.

  4. There is a Trader Sam’s in San Francisco (technically, “Trad’r Sam”). I think it’s as old as the original Trader Vic’s – both date from the first wave of tiki bars. Wonder if they licensed the name to Disneyland?

    1. Hi, Katherine.  No they didn’t.  Disney named their bar after a figure in their Jungle River Cruise attraction — a headhunter/trader, who has been standing by the river’s edge for decades, offering “two of his (shrunken) heads for one of yours.”   But I certainly do know about the San Francisco Trader Sam’s, as I used to live fairly near there. 

  5. I spent way too many Saturday afternoons staring at dried blowfish and ceiling nets while my father sucked down Zombies to find any Tiki bar enchanting.

  6. at one point i was a silverpass kid. we would liquor up at the hotel bar, take the monorail and go disney’n.  i wish that the bar was tiki sam’s, at that time it was tiki-like, but the macarana dance thing kind of killed the vibe (or just made it more bizarre).  

  7. Hey! Any locals willing to go to Trader Sam’s and pick up one of each of these mugs and send them to me? I’ll gladly pay you for the drinks and appetizers as well as shipping! Please contact me at cjgolftee @ @gmail:disqus . com

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