Judge invalidates Kodak patent

Kodak's Hail Mary business plan isn't working out. [NYT]


  1. Not sure how fair it is to rag on Kodak. Their contributions to basic research are fundamental to photography, chemical manufacturing, and many other technologies.

    They lost out for failing to capitalize on all this research they’d done. But one part of capitalizing on basic research is through patent licensing – that’s the one part of the patent system that (theoretically) makes sense, that you can make money from basic research by licensing your inventions to others who will take it to market. It’s creating the incentive to do that basic research which most short-sighted corporations won’t do themselves.

    Now they’re on their last legs and they’re trying to not lose everything, so they’re leveraging their patents covering technologies (that are mostly valid and non-obvious presumably) and which every other company relies upon. I really don’t see this as patent trolling.

    All that said, they won’t get much sympathy for me for basic software patents, which this is. Software patents can go fuck themselves. In this particular case, I’m glad their patent is invalid.

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