New features for working 8-bit Minecraft computer

The RedPower Minecraft project, which has built a programmable 8-bit computer for Minecraft, has done a new release. Engadget's Mat Smith sums up the new features: "The system is made from three separate cubes, representing the CPU, monitor and disk drive, respectively, all connected by ribbon cables. Part of pre-release 5 of the RedPower 2 mod, programmer Eloraam has also thrown in pumps and solar panels to keep crafters busy -- you're no longer limited to light switches. The emulated 8-bit processor can interact with other Minecraft blocks and while the computer can be programmed alone, its creator has been kind enough to include a Forth interpreter alongside the hardware, for those looking to get a little more involved."

RedPower 2 Prerelease 5 (for Minecraft 1.2.5) (via Engadget)


  1. As cool as this is, I dont see the need for a mod to improve redstone. You could already potentially build an 8 bit computer in vanilla minecraft, this is like cheating.

    I don’t see anything wrong with a cheating in a non-competitive video game, but I’ve learned more about electrical engineering from playing with redstone than 20+ years of casual tinkering with a soldering iron.

    If you skip learning how to really use redstone, you’re missing one of the greatest and most educational experiences minecraft has to offer.

  2. I wouldn’t mind a mod that let redstone run up walls. I’ve been a hardcore cave explorer, but I’m stretching myself into circuits now. I’m very proud of my lighthouse that blinks, sounds a fog-bell, and has an off/on switch, so that gives you my level.

    1. Running up walls is my only required extra too – I think anything more is ‘cheating’ (whatever that means).

      Although I read somewhere that the running up walls thing isn’t easy to implement. Something to do with how the game works – I didn’t really understand it if truth be told – but there’s justification at least.

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