NYPD officer threatens man with rape in cellphone video


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  1. dr_awkward says:

    Good cop chaser, please?

    I just don’t want to seriously have to consider the implications of the fact that I may actually be trapped living in an actual police state, thank you very much.

    • ZikZak says:

      Adrian Schoolcraft is one of the only good cops I know of.  He didn’t last long with the NYPD.

      If you think about it, that’s what made him good.

    • Guest says:

       Why does one cop saying a bunch of oddly homoeroto-sadistic bullshit make this a police state?

      He didn’t actually DO anything other than run his mouth.

      • Cocomaan says:

        He didn’t do anything… at the moment. This kind of authoritarian personality is a ticking time bomb of police misconduct. 

        • awjt says:

          Hey it worked.  I can tell you right here, I will NEVER fuck with that guy.  I will literally run the other way if I ever see him.

          • Peter G. says:

            I’m sure a guy like him will interpret nothing but positive intentions seeing a guy running away from him.

            OP is right this guy is a ticking time-bomb and is the sort of personality that has no business being given institutional power over others.

      • mindfu says:

         It makes it a police state because he’s got a gun, and if they said the same things to him he’d arrest them.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        Why does one cop saying a bunch of oddly homoeroto-sadistic bullshit make this a police state? He didn’t actually DO anything other than run his mouth.

        Because he has the physical and probably legal capability of arresting, beating, imprisoning or killing citizens without repercussions.

      • LogrusZed says:

         Is this a trolling question or are you really that ignorant?

        When a regular person with a weapon threatens you it is menacing, this is at least a misdemeanor in every U.S. state I can think of.

        When those in authority do it and then get away with it (and even the most cursory search on your part will demonstrate that they do get away with it so frequently as to validate the belief that the law does not apply equally to law enforcement) then you have a literal police state.

        The police no longer work for you or your well being even if you are within your rights and are a law-abiding citizen. You are subservient to the police: ergo = police state.

      • koko szanel says:

        >He didn’t actually DO anything other than run his mouth.

        How about you go in front of any cop and “don’t actually DO anything other than run your mouth” and see how long it takes him to make you suffer.

      • dr_awkward says:

        This one cop does not make it a police state.  The collection of abusive cop incidents that seems to be on the rise, however, does.

        This guy is just the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

  2. Atomicpanda says:

    Being NYPD, he’s probably looking at a few paid vacation days and then back to business as usual. 

    • Ender Wiggin says:

      taken in context, i don’t see anything more deplorable than normal for the NYPD.  at least he didn’t frisk them then arrest the for “displaying” the weed he finds.  no helpless women were pepper sprayed, and UNLIKE last time, no body got raped.   For the NYPD, thats an a+

  3. ChicagoD says:

    A blessed day. Wow.

  4. angusm says:

    And the winner of this year’s award for the most novel interpretation of the NYPD’s “Courtesy. Professionalism. Respect” motto is …

  5. Hanglyman says:

    I like the ultra-religious angle the cop threw in when called, as though the other stuff wasn’t quite insane enough already and he needed to kick it up a notch. Makes the crazy practically palpable.

  6. NYer here who watched 9/11 from my rooftop.  I’ve never feared Al-Qaeda the way I fear the uncontrollable behavior of the NYPD. 

  7. Actually, he does have a very Old Testament mindset.

  8. Grahamers2002 says:

    When he threatens to put their own s*it in their mouths, he IS doing God’s work:

    “Behold, I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your solemn feasts; and one shall take you away with it” (Malachi 2:3).

  9. regeya says:

    Can you imagine a man rapin’ another man?  I’m aginnit.

  10. Ratbus says:

    If you read what he said with a Cool Keith voice and picture it as one of his new tough alter egos, it’s not bad.  Like a mashup of Dr Octogon and NWA

  11. billstreeter says:

    He seemed much nicer than the Chicago cops I’ve had the (dis)pleasure to know. Downright friendly and professional in fact.

  12. FelixDio says:

    “I’ll take my gun and put it up your a– and then I’ll call your mother afterwards.”

    So she can get the civil case started sooner I suppose? This guy clearly really cares.

  13. madzack says:

    the nypd is basically the cities biggest street gang. 

    • wysinwyg says:

      The biggest gang is called the “military.”  The next biggest is the “police.”    Welcome to human civilization.

      Though I bet the NYPD is still preferable to Los Zetas.

      • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

        Los Zetas never lied and said they were there to help you or to serve and protect.  They are at least upfront about their mission.

    • noah django says:


  14. Mister44 says:

    Stay classy, officer.

  15. Alexandra says:

    Have an unemployed day sometime soon, officer.

  16. Someone’s been watching Training Day.

  17. Rotwang says:

    He’s the guy who arrested Chris Rock’s “Tossed-Salad Man”!

  18. BobbyKay says:

    Maybe it’s because I grew up in Philadelphia, but I don’t see anything unusual in the officer’s behavior.  He’s just speaking a language that this hustler understands. There was no physical abuse here, and by big city standards, no verbal abuse either.

    There’s nothing this cop says that you won’t hear on any street corner in any major city. He’s getting the attention of some loser who’s very presence ruins the neighborhood. When I lived in South Philly, I appreciated having cops like this leaning on the lowlifes who broke into cars, pissed on my doorway, and smashed beer bottles in the school yard across the street. do you want hustlers, whores and dealers plying their trade in front of your house?

    Cops can’t run every loser with no self-control though the system, It takes too much time. So they need to get these losers’ attention that they need to behave themselves in public. He’s just keeping the streets safe for the rest of us.

    • llamaspit says:

      First of all, what makes you think he treats the law-abiding any differently than the troublemakers?

      Secondly, why would you think that someone who abuses his authority like this would ever hesitate to treat you the same way?

      Thirdly, what makes you think this kind of nonsense is effective against those who are inclined to piss in your doorway?

      Could it be that he is acting out your desires?

      • BobbyKay says:


        Regrading my desires: Frankly, it is not my nature to be agressively confrontational, but life in the city can be frustrating. There is a segment of the population that is basically anti-social and disruptive to a wholesome society.
        For ten years I lived a block from a notorious housing project. Kids ran wild (I caught a nine year old going through my wife’s jewelry box,) car windows were smashed on a regular basis for fun, there were crack whores hustling for money or rocks in the school yard across the street from my house. Having cops come around to give these folks a hard time kept the worst of it in check.
        It was even worse in the projects themselves. I used to ride the bus to work with some of the project residents, and the crap they had to put up with fro their criminal neigbors was heartbreaking.
        Let’s face it. These hustlers may have been petty criminals, but they are a major headache for the neighborhood. They don’t have any concern that what they do upsets those around them, so the cops have to act as nursemaids and tough older brothers and then eventually bouncers for these unruly kids who grow up into dangerous adults. that cop was not on a personal power trip, he was laying down the ground rules for how this hustler was going to have to conduct himself in this neighborhood.

        I’ve run across bad cops in my youth in Philly. This guy was tough, but not out of line. I would rather have this guy walking a beat in my neighborhood than anybody who would politely go by the book.

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          There is a segment of the population that is basically anti-social and disruptive to a wholesome society.

          Yeah, we should probably stop giving them guns and badges.

          They don’t have any concern that what they do upsets those around them

          Golly, I wonder who the role models for that behavior might be. Maybe cops like the one in the video?

          I would rather have this guy walking a beat in my neighborhood than anybody who would politely go by the book.

          If you’re that dismissive of the rule of law, doesn’t that make you part of the antisocial segment of society?

          • noah django says:

             fuck, i think you’re both right.  a low life hustler doesn’t give a fuck about the principle of his/our constitutional rights, all he cares about is who has power over him and who he can get over on.  a cop doesn’t care about anyone because he’s effectively above the law.  My spider sense tells me the guy who shot this video is a lowlife scumbag who was richly deserving to be spoken to that way, but there’s certainly the possibility this cop was just shooting his mouth off because he can.  A cop is a cop is a cop.  If he wants to fuck with you, he will.  Sure, it’s disgusting.  Sure, it flies in the face of the universal rights of man.  The hell of it is, this cop probably has to recite variations of this routine many times a day to hundreds of conniving deadbeats just to make sure he isn’t buried by these guys, which turns him into the monster that we BBers are all protesting here.  i don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I intuit that most of the readers and commenters to this site don’t have a lot of experience with ghetto-ass dipshit motherfuckers.  Make no mistake, they are a force to be reckoned with, and it is only other hateful individuals that do the reckoning _for_ you, by proxy, via your tax dollar; because nobody other than someone dumb and hateful-for-the-sake-of-being-hateful would ever take that job.  it’s fucked up all the way around.  Logically, Antinous is right.  Problem is, logic doesn’t enter into it, at least maybe until the courts get involved.  Fear is the only tactic that works on that level.  I hate cops and criminals.  In my opinion, they deserve each other.

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            So….guilty until proven innocent? I guess that you’re also okay with warrantless wiretaps, random searches and all the other practices of a police state.

    • rtb61 says:

       This is a supposed police officer, a peace keeper, making pornographic threats in a public restaurant, in front of innocent patrons including children.
      So what did those children learn from that police officer, some thing that would likely get those children arrested if they repeated it.

  19. fbxl5 says:

    Is this what Mayor Bloomberg meant when he talked about the police helping families raise their children? Do you think he meant that the police would put their long dicks in their mouths? Considering everything else that the NYPD are up to these days, I really don’t know the answer to that question.

  20. mitchellpowers says:

    LEO talking like a LEO.

    But, “Have a Blessed Day” is golden.

  21. Ian West says:

  22. benher says:

    Guys that brag about their size are always trying harder to convince themselves more than others.

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