Objectivist C: a selfish programming language


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  1. leroybrown says:

    Yeah, and no “getting started” guides, just people screaming “LEARN TO FISH, MOTHERFUCKER!!” 

  2. Purplecat says:

    Also, in this implementation, you cannot create an object to hold other objects  of various types, because unions are a communist concept.

  3. chellberty says:

    Surprisingly complex i would have supposed it would just have said I’ve got mine jack  in brackets Ad infinitum

  4. Alan Olsen says:

    Garbage collection in this language does not occur except at great expense.  It does have a lot of references to “self” however.

    • Dave Lloyd says:

      Garbage collection is unnecessary as there is infinite potential for growth.

    • gibbon1 says:

      Garbage collection interferes with the operation of the free market.  Memory is either bought or leased from it’s rightful owners.

  5. Louis Brown says:

    Seems prone to codebloat particularly at the end as it must explain it’s design philosophy in excruciating detail, ie hundreds of pages worth of soapboxing.

  6. mistercat says:

    It’s also damn hard to make aggregates. self.owner is always null, and self.children should be set to null as quickly as possible because they’re PARASITES.

  7. Thebes says:

    “Objectivists”, like any other religious group, believe that they have the One True world view, that only they can see things as they really are- that only they know Objective Truth.

    Its not a philosophy, its a religion based upon being a douchebag.

  8. Fnordius says:

    There are no reported sightings of this, for various mysterious reasons. Either resources weren’t shared, resulting in a collapse of logic or self-sufficient instances would cease communication, other than sending out missives extolling its virtues.

    My one attempt in my misspent youth in using this ended up bricking my Commodore. In hindsight, it probably just refused to talk to me without knowing what was in it for itself.

  9. Doomstalk says:

    Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? “No!” says the man in Cupertino.

  10. Robert Cruickshank says:

    Someone should get this running on a UNIVAC for a full win.

  11. RayCornwall says:

    Can we get a user manual drawn by Steve Ditko?

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