Pastor proposes 100 mile fence to house homosexuals

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"I figured a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers. Build a great, big, large fence -- 50 or 100 mile long -- put all the lesbians in there, drop some food down. Do the same thing for the queers and the homosexuals and have that fence electrified so they can’t get out. And you know what, in a few years, they'll die out." -- Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in North Carolina.

I didn't know people really said "I'm agin it."

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    1. Sure.  100 miles length. Let’s assume circular. Makes  about 3,200 square miles. New York has a population density of about 28,000 people/squae miles, so you get at 90 million. That’s only the “queers” – the lesbians are in their own circle.  

      More than enough place, but who is that pastor kidding? He is imaging ovens, he’s just to cowardly to say so.

      1. i think your math is off; i’m getting 797 sq. miles.

        but this is really (ETA: neither) here nor there…

        1. 796 (rounding up) square miles, yes. And it is very important. Imagine you’ve rounded up all of the non-heterosexual people in the United States to commit another holocaust and you’ve neglected to build a large enough containment area. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

          (just kidding of course)

        2. That’s what you get if you use π = 3.14159…, but for such an inspired proposal it’s more appropriate to take pi as exactly 3.

          1. Yeah, and you manage to somehow build a fence that is exactly 3 times around as it is across, and you discover you can fit a lot more than you expected inside it. It never seems to get full.

            …but then stuff starts to come back out.

        3. Err. quite..  I dropped the division by two when determine the radius.  I’ll blame the small fidgeting  mammal I was carrying.

          Anyway, 800 square miles are still more than enough.  

      2. Not that it matters, but I’m pretty sure he’s just saying that homosexuals would all die out if it weren’t for heterosexual sex. So basically, he’s not proposing actively killing them, just treating them like cattle until they die out naturally of old age. I’m not sure what he’s proposing for bisexuals though – he should really work out the details before submitting the idea to congress.

    2.  I dont have to do the math. There is no fence big enough or strong enough to hold us. Dont make the happy gay folk angry. [polishes big rainbow colored button] or else…. we’ll launch our arsenal of gay bombs. :)

      1. That’s right. The Reverend hasn’t heard of Stonewall. We should educate him, shouldn’t we? There’s something to be said about a mob of angry flamers. 

    3. Well, look I’m just gonna come out and say it. 

      Pave it with a dance floor, Drop some “E” in there too, and make the fence auto-open after the Rapture so we know when we can return to a douche-free planet.

  1. Is that 150 miles a diameter or a circumference.

    400 quatloos says the pastor doesn’t know the difference.

    1. I’m not watching the video – when the baby sleeps you don’t put the sound on – but based on above it’s a 150 mile fence. I imagine the pastor has a basic understanding of how fences work, so it’s circumference.

      More likely he isn’t imaginative enough to think of a round fence, so it’s a square area, 37.5 miles on a side. Given that you can “only” fit 39 million at New York densities.

      1. At first I automatically assumed this took place in northern Florida (NC isn’t much different in parts) and that somewhere above Miami a 100-mile fence would cross from the Atlantic to the Gulf. Not once did I think this guy would think of a circular fence or a polygon. Hell, I even imagined this guy was thinking of a 100-mile wide fence in Kansas somewhere and that he assumed the affected would stay put, not straying from the fence nor going around its edge. That’s how daffy the idea is so I assume he thinks as daffily.

  2. Ha!!!  This gave me a good laugh.  Build that fence and within a year the real estate value would have doubled and we’d all be clamoring to move there!   :)

    1. Will they allow us gay-friendly straights to move there?  I can image immaculate yards, friendly neighbors, and great after hours parties.

      1.  I  corrected a gay friend of mine who referred to me as “straight”. I may be hetero, I told him, but I am not straight.

        1. I’m more likely to use ‘straight’ in its 1960s sense of uptight than to mean heterosexual.

    1. Sadly, those are just the choir seats. This looks like a borderline mega church, so the choir is probably staying cool in the rehearsal room. It gets really hot under those TV lights. It could also be a an early morning taping just for TV, if there’s no one in the pews.

      What’s worse are all the ring wing Jewish infomercials that run on TV down in NC, bashing Muslims and gays while shaking their cup for donations. Yes, Virginia, there are white trash rednecks in Yarmulkes, too.

    2. In the church I attended in my youth, seats behind the pastor were for the choir, and some weeks the choir doesn’t perform.

      1. I know young people in the South who believe the same thing and are often more violent. It’s getting better, but we’re not out of the woods yet.

  3. I’ve been known to say “I’m agin it” when I’m trying to be  mock-folksy.  (Apologies to those for whom it’s native dialect.)

    1. I’ve heard people do that, middle- and upper-middle-class people. Why do you try to be mock-folksy? If it’s to provoke laughter, what, or rather who, is being laughed at?

      Seems to me like that kind of minstrelsy always boils down to laughing at those worse off than ourselves.

      At least you apologized. :-)

      1. Umm, isn’t the typical point of mocking someone or a group for comical purposes?

        I live in NC and I think most of the people I know at some point have imitated what are the universal traits of a redneck.  Perhaps you don’t find that kind of humor funny, which is fine.  Right or wrong, someone finds it funny.  Jeff Foxworthy has made plenty of money doing it (along with others).

        1.  It’s one thing when you’re part of that group.  As a white guy, I certainly wouldn’t be caught dead telling the type of jokes Chris Rock, for example, gets away with.

          1. Well if a white guy group* in the same environment as Rock and had the somewhat same experiences or had friends who shared those experiences in a meaningful manner and included him in those experiences, carte blanche, I say. So long as he added his unique viewpoint, naturally.

            *Time to call it a week when “grew up” gets typed as “group”!

  4. So we put both the queers AND the homosexuals in there? I always figured they’d want to keep them separate…

    1. Maybe he’s not being redundant. Maybe there is some important difference between the two terms that some people use to identify themselves. After all, LGBTQ could have overlapping categories if lesbian or gay are subcategories of “queer.”

      He’s respecting their right to signify, while describing the rough dimensions of the death camp he wants them sent to.

    1. I assume the idea is that being homosexual they can’t breed. Hence he’s technically not advocating killing them off, merely forced internment and isolation wherein their inability to breed and subsequently proliferate is “self inflicted”, which would appeal to this man’s sort of mentality as a warped form of providential judgement.

      1. His mistake here is in assuming that creating a queer-only community is some sort of punishment.

        1. His other mistake is assuming that with gay people fenced off, there wouldn’t be any new gay people born outside the fence.

    2. 1000 feet above the crowd, the Chinook slows, then stops and hovers in midair above the crowd that spans to the horizon, a swaying mass of humanity, each lost, each found, and all gay.

      The hatch in the rear slow opens, crates the size of small sedans move slowly on rollers toward the lip. The parachutes they are equipped with will barely slow their descent at this altitude. Some below will be crushed.

      Stenciled on the side in blocky letters read the contents. Chicken leg quarters and breasts, still frozen after the flight from the Tyson processing plant.

      Private First Class Johnson watches the crates go by, his finger on the red button of the hoist that pulls them along. He can hear the crowd below despite the noise of the Chinook and the mufflers on his helmet. They cry as one, “Food! We need Food!”

      One by one the crates drop free, their parachutes flailing above them, desperate people actually try to catch the behemoths and others, shoulder to shoulder, have nowhere to run. 

      The chant below reaches a fever pitch as they see the crates, people crane forward and struggle toward them while others crack them open and begin throwing the contents into the crowd. They still do not think only of themselves.

      Private First Class Johnson wipes a tear away and hopes no one saw, then thanks God again that he did not celebrate the end on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in the manner he so desperately had wanted to.

      Below, the chant of the crowd is begun anew, but this time, the message is different. Pfc. Johnson strains to hear it as the Chinook roars away, almost buoyantly, its payload gone. 

      But even with the increased engine noise, he hears them distinctly, and smiles so sadly.

      “Rosemary! We need Rosemary!” “Thyme, please, give us Thyme!”.

      1. Nice… for a while I was thinking it was a Philip K. Dick short story. Nice writing.  I just hope the good pastor is parachuted within the wall and is used as a pet for a while, them just slashed into pieces to feed the pigs. (sorry… this is nowhere near the quality writing you posted… i am just pissed at this jerk :0)

  5. “And you know what, in a few years, they’ll die out.”

    Someone needs to tell the pastor that homosexual reproduction isn’t where homosexual come from.

    1. Actually, I think he knows that and he’s trying to breed pure heterosexuals by culling the homosexuals. Which is totally weird, because it acknowledges that it’s not really a choice.

        1. That’s strange, because historically, Christians were awfully lax on the Zombie problem. 

    2. He tells a heroic, epic tale of his internal strife that he would see expunged by any means to please the three men he loves without lust, his father, his son, his holy ghost.

      To see gay marriage as a possibility after so many years of trying to free himself of the sinful man-lust that occupies his every waking moment, knowing in his Bible that sex outside of marriage would seal his eternal fate! It drove him mad!

      As a young man he knew it could never be harboured in the sanctimonious bay of matrimony, and so he set about devoting his life to removing the man-lust once and for all.

      He tried every therapy, every camp in every homophobic tribe he encountered, fleeing his man-lust only to find it anew, it arrived just ahead of him wherever he went. The work of the Devil, he tried everything!

      But then he devised a plan, a treatment so powerful it would surely work. He would fuck the man-lust out, all of it, for all time! The dark Papist mathematicians of the terrible Vatican assured him his calculations were correct though it pained him to consult their wickedness. A man could only have so much sex in a lifetime, it was true.

      But so much! How could it be done, where could he find millions of evil man-lusters in one place, to draw out the poison with constant fucking, yet destroying themselves too, just to be sure? According to the God math he would need to fuck for several years, the sea-of-men must last at least a few years.

      He devised a plan, an ingenious plan. But who has such power at their disposal? Congress, that’s who! But they refused*, the Bastards!

      So he takes the long road, he must sow his seeds of hate over the land, and watch them blossom into votes! He would replace Congress himself, and have his sea-of -men at last!

      His tale a sad one, full of regret, hate and remorse. If only he were young enough to marry now, or society so advanced back then, that he could have avoided all of this, to have man-lust in the sanctity of marriage and offend no God. Too late.

      He ends each sermon by imagining that love lost lust** and proclaiming his love to all those men***, the ones he would eventually starve to death while they drew the poison out of him.

      * at 32 seconds
      ** at 1:51 through 2:01
      *** at 2:02 through 2:05

  6. You have to wonder if this guy’s a closet case himself. Notice that he would put the men and women in separate partitions. Guess he knows the men wouldn’t want to be annoyed by the lesbians and their fucking baby strollers. 

    1.  Also, he gets a little worked up at the end of the video.  “Could you imagine kissing some man?  (long pause while he imagines it)”

    1. Ahh. but they don’t go away do they? They rear their ugly heads when you least expect it. Better to keep an eye on them and express our disapproval than to stick our heads in the sand

      1. I’m sorry. I disagree. Assholes like this thrive in a closed community where they don’t have to have any consequences for the horrific hateful crap they spew. I want this kind of thing to go viral, because I want this horrible horrible man, and all his influence over his flock, held up to the light of day for not just atheists like me, but my moderate christian friends. That way, we can all call him out on how bad it is. 

        1. Hear, hear! I don’t remeber much from psychology class, but I do remember learning that a behavior that goes ignored is as likely to persist as one which is rewarded.

    2. Ignoring them solves the problem just like ignoring gangrene gets rid of the infection. We’ll just have to wait for them to die out. Hopefully their kids will see this and be ashamed.

    3. No, no.  When the bigoted assholes are this stupid, it’s not about the oxygen of publicity any more.  Painting all the assholes as this dumb is a positive PR move.

      Also, it gives us something to laugh about.   Honestly, wouldn’t the world be a better place if all the ‘evil’ people were this dumb?

    4. …ignore them so that they go away…

      Understanding causation – ur doin it rong.

    5.  Keep promoting these assholes!  Know your enemy!  Haul them out into the open where their bigotry and zealous lies can be exposed.  Exposing them also holds a mirror up to all religions and gets us to question everyone who says they speak for a god or have divine insight to the will of the gods.

        1. Yeah no shit, besides everybody knows that Jesus was a swarthy Arab man anyway. A hot swarthy man…

  7. “Could you imagine kissing some man” your closeted homosexual fantasies are showing, you were doing so well up until that point. 

  8. Maybe with a hatch or some type of cat-flap in the fence too, so all of the newly-born gay, lesbian or queer people can be added?

    I’m calling dibs on the ‘queer flap’ if it ever gets made!

    1. Will that be enough room for each of them to have their own pulpit? Shades of Monty Python…

    2. I am all for a 100 mile electrified fence for housing all the crazy southern pastors.

      Housing? Or mounting?

  9. “Could you imagine kissing some man?”

    Stubble aside, virtually the same shit. Try it out sometime. 

  10. I have similar feelings about narrowminded, bigoted oiks who stand at a pulpit and call for violence, but at least I know that it’s not reasonable solution!

  11. The fatal flaw in his plan is that homosexuals are eerily good at digging. If they can undermine “social values” and “christian morality” as well as they supposedly do, you can bet an electrified fence won’t stop them.

    1. I was going to propose a special “Bi” Tunnel, catering to the needs of the absolutely modern. But I’m sure (well, kinda) that even hate-boy would figgu out th’ problum.

      And we’d only need one of them, as it would go both ways!

      1. “Keep your head and arms inside the fence at all times!”
        But Pastor Worley was a DAREDEVIL!  Just like his old man.

  12. I’m pretty sure most of those gay and lesbian people he wants to round up are offspring from heterosexual couples, so unless he knows something we don’t know, we’re going to keep making more.  It does not seem like it would matter where you put the ones that are already walking around. 

    1.  He also doesn’t get that homosexuality exists in nature to keep species from over-breeding themselves into extinction by exhausting the food supply.

      1. If secession and isolation really worked, there would be no more child mol… uh, Catholic priests.

        Religion is not about making any kind of rational argument. (Just think about it. It starts by saying There’s an invisible guy in the sky … and spouts more bulldada stories from there. [If we’d had good copyright laws 2,000 years ago, the guys who wrote the bible would have been sued into oblivion for ripping off all of the prior creation myths without attribution.])

      2. Actually, that’s what starvation is, does, and is for.  As far as I know, there are no non-human animals that actually do same-sex pair bonding.  Most animals that engage in “homosexuality” are just indiscriminate copulators (which is now my new favorite name for a band).  The closest to human homosexual behavior would probably be among bonobos, but “sexual” contact in bonobos seems to me like projecting human behavior onto the animals, which seem to use sexual contact for more mundane social purposes.

        There’s absolutely no reason to believe that homosexuality is an evolved response to food scarcity.  None.  No scientific evidence to back it up, no theories to suggest it in the first place.  There are some reasons to believe homosexuality is genetic or at least partially so but that doesn’t in itself mean it’s an adaptation any more than the backwards swirl on one of my fingerprints is an adaptation.

        Besides the fact that the argument isn’t really based on anything, it doesn’t really help the cause either.  Psychopaths are naturally occurring, and the condition is likely genetic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should be tolerant of psychopathic behavior.  by the same reasoning, even if homosexuality is natural it doesn’t follow that we should tolerate it.  So I appreciate that you’re trying to argue for tolerance, but you may want to focus more on ethics and less on evolution.

        Edit: Last paragraph might make it sound like I’m arguing we shouldn’t tolerate homosexuality. I wasn’t, I was just addressing the soundness of an argument. Homosexuality should be tolerated because homosexuals are real human beings capable of happiness and suffering, and because allowing consensual adult homosexual relationships/marriages seems to me to do a lot more good than harm (there is no harm).

        1. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that homosexuality is an evolved response to food scarcity.

          There’s no such thing as an evolved response to anything, unless you believe in intelligent design.

  13. Ok, yeah, that’s kinda harsh and all – but it’s jobs, people, and it could be built at the Mexican border. Birds – stone – win!

  14. Golly, I certainly hope he’s thought about who goes behind the fence after all the queers and homosexuals are gone. There’s gotta be a Phase II for this plan.

    1.  Oh, I bet he’s thought ahead.  He’s probably all for putting the Muslims in next.  Or the feminists! Perhaps the illegals or the HIV infected. Those are all good options.

    2.  Liberals, atheists, Catholics, environmentalists.  There’s a whole series of groups he would probably be willing to eradicate.  “First they came for the . . .”

  15. I had a tentative plan to escape to Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill if I should lose my web development job in Alabama. The idea was to go to the most socially tolerant place I could find that’s within driving distance of my extended family, but I’m beginning to doubt if North Carolina is that place. Can anyone familiar with both places tell me if there is a significant cultural difference?

      1. It’s just too bad the Out & About bookstore closed. It was a really lovely bookstore with books on a wide range of topics–not just LGBTQI subjects, but a little bit of everything. It also had friendly, knowledgeable staff, and cats.

        In short it was everything a good bookstore should be.

    1. I was born/raised and have lived my whole life in NC.  Went to school in Raleigh, and for the most part you don’t see things like this in the RDU area.  And really there is a pretty good influx of non NC people into the major metro areas as well (more so when the economy was doing better), take that how you will.

      Ironically when I lived in Apex (just outside of Raleigh) I had stopped at the local TGI Fridays to get takeout for dinner.  Waiting at the bar for the order a group of about 5 coworkers were talking about where they were from.  None of them were native to NC, nor from the same place.

      Now venture out to the more rural areas and yes, you will find things more like this.  My parents both came from a farming community, so I have some idea of what those areas are like.  In general you MIGHT see some intolerance to openly gay couples, but unless you are real far off the beat path I kind of doubt it.  People do well to hide their beliefs that aren’t necessarily looked upon favorably by the rest of society.  Obviously the realization of the pitfalls of technology seems to be a catch-22 for a lot of these slow learners we have…*sigh*.

      Honestly I don’t know anyone that’s 35 or under that has these views.  I think if you give it another 20 years you will see gay marriage become legal.  There will always be a small group that is intolerant about something, unfortunately that’s life.

      1. Waiting at the bar for the order a group of about 5 coworkers were talking about where they were from.  None of them were native to NC, nor from the same place.

        I like communities like this. I tend to get along very well with transplants, and I suspect it’s not because they’re from more enlightened places, but that they’re more open and easier to befriend because they’re not in the same town they grew up in.

      2. Cary, NC: Containment Area for Relocated Yankees.

        Or so my RDU-area friends tell me it’s called.

    2. This pastor talks about putting up a fence with all of the gay people inside of it– but he doesn’t seem to know that they already did that (during the Jesse Helms era) and called it Chapel Hill… now with an openly gay mayor to boot. A few years back Durham made Out magazine’s list of 10 best cities to live in (really), and parts of Raleigh inside the beltline are reasonably fabulous. They don’t call it the Triangle for nothing.

      Yeah, going from Alabama to Raleigh/Durham would be like time-traveling 40 years into the future, but you’d regress one or two of those decades one you get far beyond city limits. Keep reachin’ for that rainbow, Fuquay-Varina!

    3.  I live in Raleigh, and I’m proud to say that Orange, Durham, and Wake counties (where Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh, respectively, are located) each overall voted against the recent anti-gay-marriage amendment, unlike most of the rest of the state.

      In general, the more metropolitan areas of the state (cities and towns in the aforementioned counties, as well as Asheville, Charlotte, and Greenville) are relatively progressive, and few in these areas would have anything in common with Pastor Douchebag here.

      Interesting that, according to Google, Providence Road Baptist Church is in Maiden, NC, which is where Apple built their giant new data center.  I wonder if the Pastor understands that the best thing to happen to his town in forever comes from a company that proudly employs said homosexuals, lesbians, and queers?

  16. I think I see some issues with his plan to stop gay breeding.

    Personally, I’d like to go out on Sunday mornings and nail all the churches shut, but that’s just me.

  17. There are heterosexual queers out there, it’s called “genderqueer.”  Though I sorely doubt that this douchebag is making that distinction.

  18. They’re good fine people, Stuart. But they don’t know what the queers are doing
    to the soil.

    1. Ah, someone as old as me.

      Also, what does the pastor suggest we do about those gay alien landing strips outside of Des Moines?

  19. Sorry about your vanishing non-profit status, PRB. Thanks for the video evidence of electioneering. The IRS loves it when you make their job easy.

    1. I just got off the phone with the folks at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and can confirm that their legal staff is working on a complaint.

    2. A non-profit organization may retain their tax free status and engage in advocacy on political issues so long as they do not specifically endorse or reject a specific party or candidate. So, the IRS is fine with most of this hate speech. However, he does basically say not to vote for Obama specifically, which could lose the church their tax free status, but he left himself enough wiggle room (not mentioning the president’s name specifically and using dialect rather than legally defined terms) that I’m guessing it will never happen. 

    1. Think about it for a minute.  When KKK members go on Jerry Springer and share their philosophy with the world, it exposes many people, including those with developing philosophies, to the depth and importance with which the KKK should be recieved.  When Westboro Baptist shows up and explains the fundamentalist Christian positions on various topics, they make it crystal clear where all of those policies and thoughts lead.  This gentleman, more than any scientist, more than any friend of LGBT causes, more than practically anyone, is showing people how *delightful* the fundamentalist Christian philosophy is.  Cheers to him, and cheers to everyone spreading his message.

  20. FWIW, this is from a VERY conservative and backwards part of the state.  Not everyone here has such extreme viewpoints….although far too many of our neighbors did vote against the equality amendment.

  21. As a mathematician, I know what this guy needs to do. Construct a 100 mile fence, sit inside of it, and define the “outside” as the region where he’s sitting. Then everyone else, including all the homosexuals, are “inside” the fence.

  22. So … following his logic … this person thinks that the reason homosexuals continue to exist is because they are allowed to roam freely, and that if we stop their migratory habits, we’ll break their reproduction cycle (as yet, poorly understood by science) and put an end to them.

    What a fucking idiot. (I know – self-evident and entirely redundant – I just needed to say it).

  23. I have a sneaking suspicion that many a night Pastor Charles L. Worley has disturbing dreams where he’s writhing naked in the center of a 100 mile fence enjoying lusty, manly pleasures.

  24. also , there are , obviously , no women in his congregation !! ( given the potential assumption that some , indeed possibly many females do INDEED  imagine kissing men )

    1. Im in for this idea if it means to keep people like this “Pastor” out. Please make religion pay taxes. It really is about time.

  25. Huh. So he’s working on the theory that homosexuality is a genetic condition, and if we separate them from the gene pool, they won’t reproduce and die out? But.. that’s already what they’re doing (not reproducing biologically, that is – not mostly, anyway). So why is the fence even necessary? What does it change?

    Or, is he saying it’s NOT genetic, that it’s more like a contagious disease that needs to be quarantined? It’s been spreading as an airborne virus this whole time? That makes a little more sense, and explains why he’s so afraid – probably worried he’s coming down with it himself.

    1. I particularly like how if it was genetic, and hence would lead to a failure to reproduce, why then after so many centuries do these people still exist?

      I wonder if he’d also want to throw in all the animals that display homosexual behaviour as well.

    2. Well, aside from the fact that this guy wouldn’t let the facts get in the way of his hatred, if we posit a genetic basis for homosexuality, then two heterosexuals can give birth to a homosexual if both are recessive for homosexuality (or for the combination of genes for homosexuality), whatever that means. So he surely can’t believe in a genetic basis for homosexuality.

      I’m pretty sure he believes homosexuality is environmental. And it’s not just any old environment, it’s an environment where there’s another homosexual. Presumably he thinks it spreads like a meme, so he would have to make sure the homosexuals couldn’t call anyone outside the fence, rather than some kind of homosexual pheromone, in which case the fence wouldn’t exactly work.

      But in the end, here’s what this pastor believes: “I hate homosexuals.” That pretty much justifies, in his mind, anything and everything he says.

  26. Listen the the background:  When there is cheering and “Amens!” it does not sound like a very large amount of people to me.  Maybe a few dozen.

    I wonder if his”church” is mostly empty or if some larger portion of his “flock” is not in full agreement with this “man of god” or if perhaps he just taped this to get it aired.

  27.   ElfSternBerg nailed it…  This guy showed that he was willing to use the tool of biological evolution against what he now perceives as a greater threat.   His position isn’t a  ‘considered’ one, but a reactionary one.  Unfortunately using logic on these people is as useful as trying to get a cow to milk itself.

  28. there are idiots everywhere … problem is, they keep finding each other and breeding more ….

  29. Total logic fail, too. It is because they can’t reproduce that you can’t put them all in a conc. camp – not the reason to. The only way you could possibly do it is to have all relatives of a homosexual put into camps, and all their potential offspring. Considering there are 4 million gays in the states, and probably each will have at least 6 living relatives, that’s 24 million people within a “150 or 100 mile long fence”. Probably he mean’t 150mi sq., which brings it to 160,000 people per mile, 30.3 people per foot. Not only is it inhumane, but it’s not possible due to the fact that we are not liquid or gas, but solid matter. If the bill passes, two laws will be at odds. Concentration camp law vs. the “you must take up space” nature’s law. Moral arguments aside – you’re a moron.

  30. “On April 4, 1938, the Gestapo issued a directive indicating that men convicted of homosexuality could be incarcerated in concentration camps. Between 1933 and 1945 the police arrested an estimated 100,000 men as homosexuals. Most of the 50,000 men sentenced by the courts spent time in regular prisons, and between 5,000 and 15,000 were interned in concentration camps.”

    The above quote is from an article on the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website.

  31. This guy would vote Hitler in no time.  He probably jerked off watching the Schindler’s list “best moments”. Would love to meet the guy for a little chat about respect of human beings.

  32. There will be nothing of value lost when this old shit passes away to his reward of either nothingness or damnation.

  33. Counter point.  I’m as tired of dealing with senile homophobes, chavs and other assorted bigots and violent assholes as he is of interacting with us ‘abominations’.  

    If I’ll be kept in the lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to for the rest of my natural life sure fine I’m up for it.  But I never want to see, hear or interact with anyone like him. 

    I strongly doubt that’s his idea though but if it were then yes, on the understanding if I see a chav I can shoot them, I’ll quite happily live in this compound. 

  34. I think it was Darwin that said (and I may have the quote wrong) “Ignorance more often begets confidence than knowledge.”  And these people are completely ignorant but just as confident they are right.  What’s even more terrifying is the fact that people actually listen to this crap and believe it.  Disgusting…

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