Petition to "require free access over the Internet to scientific journal articles arising from taxpayer-funded research."


9 Responses to “Petition to "require free access over the Internet to scientific journal articles arising from taxpayer-funded research."”

  1. mesocosm says:

    Cory, I am so grateful that you’re bringing attention to this issue. Academic publishing is a horrible racket, and harms society.

  2. Jan Angevine says:

    Harvard just recently unsubscribed to all the Elsevier journals. Harvard’s subscription costs had risen to millions of dollars. It is a bizarre mess. First, scientists are charged to publish their research, which goes through the publisher’s peer review process for which no one is paid.  Then the institutions that did the research are charged tens of thousands of dollars to subscribe to the publications their researchers are charged for publishing in. It is one of the biggest scams going. The fact that most of the research is tax payer funded makes it all the more ludicrous that they are prevented from accessing it.

  3. Bill Noble says:

    I’m having multiple problems with the site and have so far been unable to sign the petition.

  4. Andrew Kane says:

    That site is very badly broken, just as it was when last I tried to sign a petition there several weeks ago. It’s sad that the White House apparently can’t find someone capable of managing a Drupal site. They should have hired me!

    • Andrew Kane says:

       Ah, never mind, I managed to get it to work in Chromium. I think ’twas my Firefox setting that broke it. (Firefox is set paranoid, Chromium permissive.)

      • Mike Taylor says:

        Thank you for persisting!  Making a difference.  We’re now approaching 10,000 signatures in the first two days.  Please let your friends know about this, too!

  5. Nick J-s says:

    What point is there in broadening our collective sphere of knowledge if that knowledge is not accessible to us all?

  6. Virgil22 says:

    Errr… such a system already exists. It’s called PubMed Central. Any research funded by NIH has to be made publicly available. It’s been like this for about 4 years now.  Sure, Elsevier tried to quash it with their “research works act”, but that was abandoned after bad publicity.  Why the need for this petition?

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