Yemen massacre triggered by donkey "rape"

"Fifteen people were killed or injured in tribal fighting in Yemen after a male donkey chased an ass and raped it just near the house of its owner." -- Emirates 24/7


  1. It is amazing how just a basic education can change the way people act. People say the US’s education isn’t very good anymore, but at least people learn how to (usually) behave and not act like a bunch of….. somthings.

     I don’t even know what to say act like, animals don’t even act that way. Those people are just straight up dumb morons!!!!

  2. @ Joe F.: I know, right? People should be like us learned people here in the US and not be so concerned with their livestock being raped by other livestock! There’s so much more to be concerned about like the outrage du jour the American Media spits up every day. Stupid hicks.

    1. Didn’t you take Domestic Violence and Sexual Assaults in Animal Husbandry 101 when you were in High school?

  3. -1 to Emirates 24/7  for terminology.  Donkey = ass.

    Male donkey = Jack.  Female donkey = jenny.  No need to use both donkey and ass as if they were something different. *forehead slap* Sheesh — were you not raised on a farm or something?

    1. More questionable terminology:

      In the second story (“Monkey disrupts prayers in Saudi Mosque”) they refer to there being a “preacher” in the mosque. Should they have used “imam” or is “preacher” also correct?

      1. “Preacher’ is a fine word to use in that context. There’s a pulpit (minbar) and everything.

          1.  Michael, in the US many hotel rooms have mini-bars, which my eyes read at first. 
            Probably only funny to me. 

  4. The following story about a monkey attacking men and then fleeing unharmed is also , errrm different. 

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