Cakepops that look like gross boiled chicken feet

Miss Cakehead sends us these "Incredible and gross chicken feet cake pops created for the Evil Cake Shop by Miss Insomnia Tulip."

The feet are made from vanilla & raspberry cake, triple dipped in white chocolate with the pop hand painted to resemble a boiled chicken foot; the chicken dipping sauce pop (top) covered with coloured piping gel; the battered chicken foot pop is covered with the dipping sauce and crushed citrus sprinkles to resemble batter. Ruddy amazing Yorkshire based baking talent and a really innovative cake pop design to boot.

Boiled Chicken Feet – Extreme Cake Pops (Thanks, Miss Cakehead)


  1. I’m guessing these folks have never had dim sum. Because they don’t look like that, and they’re delicious.

    1. I agree: those are way too chunky to be real chicken feet.

      As for the taste?  I’m hard pressed to decide between the relative demerits of chicken feet vs. white chocolate.

  2. As BrotherPower points out.  White chocolate is indeed gross.  Chicken Feet however are very, very tasty.

  3. Why don’t you just eat real boiled chicken’s feet, available at most Chinese dim sum restaurants? hum. yummy.

      1. We get goose webs at special occasion dinners. Too big and unwieldy. I prefer chickens feet. 

  4. That top picture looks more like some poor astronaut who got some alien slime on the top part of the space suit. 

  5. Another misleading headline.

    I have no idea what ‘gross’ is or what it looks like. It’s not even a noun is it? And as to what cakepops are up to, boiling chicken’s feet indeed – well – I have no words. Demarcation, brother.

    I’ll stop it now.

  6.  I found a chicken foot in the backyard last month, with a good bit of leg and feathers still attached.  It looked pecked at, so I’m guessing a hawk got one of the neighbors chickens and dropped in for a snack. 

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