Climbing a rickety stair to the top of the forest


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  1. Gideon Jones says:

    Suddenly curious what effect on CO2 these mass pine beetle kills and aspen die-offs are having out here in the western US.

  2. sofong says:

    Gloucester Tree in Pemberton Australia is an old fire watch platform, 61 meters above the ground (200 feet). Climbed via a spiral of pipes drilled into the trunk their ends tethered by cable. No handrail and no net. It is certainly an exciting climb. It is at the South Western tip of Australia an easy drive South from Perth. Third largest tree species in the world. pic:

  3. anansi133 says:

    I’ve been wondering if the quadrocopter craze has made it to forestry research? With the right sort of cowling, I’ll bet some kind of hovering drone could ascend through foliage without getting caught in the branches.

    The evolution for such a design might look a lot like the tumbleweed mars probe. Too big and it catches on everything, too small and there’s not enough thrust to overcome resistance.

    Eventually some joker will dress one up to look like Vader’s hovering torture droid from episode IV.

  4. NewPrescriptivist says:

    This stair was on the April cover of BioScience magazine, as part of a special section on the US Long Term Ecological Research Network, which the Harvard Forest is part of. The LTER Network (as you’d probably guess from the name) is designed for experimental studies that are longer than the typical funding cycle, such as the carbon sequestration study that is mentioned in this article. (Disclaimer: I work for BioScience.)

  5. Vanwall Green says:

    To paraphrase swabbies, “One hand for the stair, one for yourself.”

  6. jhertzli says:

    Have the scientists found out where the trees are storing the carbon? If the trees aren’t growing fast, it’s probably not as wood.

  7. Ryan Graves says:

    Right by Quabbin… you’re playing around in what was essentially my back yard as a child.

  8. sota767 says:

    Ballsy, I don’t think I could keep hold of a camera when climbing that high.

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