TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak, featuring Pato Afortunado mit Heinrich Hund!

By Ruben Bolling

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Published 8:45 am Wed, May 23, 2012

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20 Responses to “TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak, featuring Pato Afortunado mit Heinrich Hund!”

  1. Huzzah! Dunwoody’s back!

  2. Navin_Johnson says:

    “Pato Afortunado” and “Heinrich Hund”  haha.  Love it!

  3. I could read weekly installments of “Darthfield” :)

  4. Jellodyne says:

    I had a bit of a War with my Clone brush to make this.

  5. What’s Spanish for “gotcha”?

  6. niktemadur says:

    “I don’t care, I’ll kill you!”  –  “gasp!”

    • petz79 says:


      As if he didn’t knew, or would have known, or was going to have been knowing…

      • niktemadur says:

        And at this late stage in the game, who knows who Percival Dunwoody Prime is?
        Or does it even matter?

  7. EvilTerran says:

    Super-Fun-Pak can be a bit hit-and-miss, but every one of these is pure gold. Good work, Mr Bolling.

  8. MrJM says:

    “But the strip in the right-hand column doesn’t perfectly align with my ideologically-based understanding of the myriad factors that precipitated the Euro-crisis!”

  9. JosephP says:

    Does Glendale hire district court judges that are still in high school?