Course on design/architecture for orbiting hotels

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Are you a designer or architect who would like to work within the unique constraints of zero gravity? Spaceship designer Susmita Mohanty, who worked on the International Space Station and Shuttle-Mir missions, is teaching an intensive course at Milan's Domus Academy this summer titled "Zero Gravity Design: Products and Microenvironments for Orbiting Hotels."

As the race to open up the space frontier to tourists revs up, so will opportunities for designers and architects. The participants of this course will design products and micro environments for living aboard future Orbiting Hotels. The Space Tourists, will have to, after all, eat, drink, sleep, cleanse, exercise, work, play, improvise, relax, move, stay still, contemplate, congregate, seek privacy and look out of the window. These everyday tasks, and more, open up an infinite range of design possibilities….

This course will introduce designers and architects, both students and practicing professionals to the world of zero-gravity (zero-g) design. On Earth, we often take a lot of things for granted, for example - gravity, atmospheric pressure, natural illumination and the entire gamut of colors that it brings to us. Living in Earth Orbit is a whole new world where designers and architects have to account for not just weightlessness and vacuum, but also come up with creative antidotes for isolation, confinement, boredom, sensory deprivation, bone-muscle atrophy, as well as social-psychological-and-cultural stressors characteristic of living in cramped spaces where privacy is limited and so are resources. This course will groom designers and architects to work for space tourism companies.

"Zero Gravity Design: Products and Microenvironments for Orbiting Hotels" (via BLDBLOG)


  1. I can only imagine how expensive the text books for this course must be.

    If the worldwide need for space hotels is a reasonable number like… oh I don’t know say three.  Competitive bidding means there will probably be no less than three designs for each.  Ok, so that is a total of maybe nine designers.  

    If the text book companies plan to only sell 10 copies of the book, each copy will be reasonably priced at $1,000,000 each.

    Of course  you can sell your used copy back to the book store for $50k or on amazon or ebay for $70k

    You could also write up a 100 word document talking about how funny your cat is and upload it to scribd which will allow you to download a free copy of the book provided by one of the disgruntled students who out of spite posted it once they recovered from the coma caused by the $50k used book offer.

    On the upside, i think this will make longer excursions into space much more appealing and will eventually make space travel much quicker.

  2. There’s a special design seminar on designing bathroom facilities that lets customers reliably take a dump without ending up smeared in filth.

  3. I remember seeing something a while back about adapting the external fuel tanks from the space shuttles for use as space hotel components. Guess that idea is gone now.

  4. This is horrible- we can’t allow the Corporate Life Form to escape the Gravity Quarantine!! Space should remain free- do we really want the exploration of the Universe to become just another mixed use development with a shopping mall in the basement?!!

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