Historical proto-Al Jaffee hides trenchant commentary in design of US Dollar Bill


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  1. Aloisius says:

    This was floating around kooky websites a few years ago along with the world trade center burning on the 20 and how the masons practice devilry and were fortunetellers. Also the top in that $1 will say THCA which apparently is some kind of tetragram which says we are all ruled by Jews or aliens or something.

    If you’re feeling brave, feel free to read this batch of craziness “explaining” it all: http://enlightenedawareness.wetpaint.com/page/Alchemical+1%24+Bill+Symbology

  2. jonnyslime says:

     The plot of National Treasure 3 is revealed. 

  3. first thing i noticed was the batman symbol under the phrase.

  4. Peppermint says:

    No idea whether this was intentional or not, but it’s still pretty fun.

    Euro bills look so boring in comparison… (Honestly I don’t know who designed them but they’re really freakin’ bland.)

    • redesigned says:

      yeah, because multi-coloured money with holograms is way more boring then drab-green.  in almost every country i’ve visited, which is quite a few, people always comment on how ugly US money is.  the flip side is people from the US almost always comment on how foreign bills look like monopoly money because they aren’t used to seeing colours on their money.


      • Peppermint says:

        Actually I’m French ^^ And I agree that the colours and holograms on euro bills are way cool… I was talking more about the engravings. I just think it’s a shame that they chose to represent generic European architecture rather than specific monuments… Of course you wouldn’t be able to represent all countries in the Euro area, but I’m sure those bills could have been used to showcase the architecture of countries whose art history is not as well-known.

        (Though I’m a sucker for the 20-euro’s gothic windows, I have to say.)

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          I just think it’s a shame that they chose to represent generic European architecture rather than specific monuments.

          Oh, is that why I just spent five minutes trying to figure out what they were?

        • redesigned says:

          True the engravings could have been a lot more interesting.  Not sure which is more boring though…generic architecture or old white men. :-)

          you can’t do this with a euro though:

        • D Wyatt says:

          Learn from history, here is a useful fact since we will all be paying for milk with thousand dollar bills soon enough…..
          The more outlandish/flamboyant money becomes the less it and its government have worth.   I have a few million dollars, its very bright colorful its just not from this country so its worth around 0.22 cents American.

          Recap-If your money is purple pink and orange its barely worth the paper its printed on.  The American penny costs 3 pennies to make….Talk about pissing into a canyon to fill it.  If I remember right the American dollar is worth exactly 4cents on the dollar, not the paper being worth 4cents but its actual worth in REALITY.

      • noah django says:

        [as Homer Simpson's Brazilian kidnappers peruse the briefcase containing their ransom demand]
        Kidnapper 1:  Look at all that pink and purple!
        Kidnapper 2:  Yes, our money is…  really gay.

  5. sockdoll says:

    Jaffee would have made the pictures match up better.

  6. niktemadur says:

    Damn.  Remember Slater, the cool stoner on “Dazed & Confused” back in 1993?

    Didja ever look at a dollar bill, man? There’s some spooky shit goin’ on there. And it’s green too.

  7. Mister44 says:

    If this doesn’t prove we are being controlled by Reptillian overlords, I don’t know what does!

  8. Jude Quin says:

    call me a spoilsport but I find it more interesting as meaningless coincidence than a conspiracy which might suggest the rich are secretly out to rule us all. I thought we already knew that?

  9. jimh says:

    Da Grinch-y Code?

  10. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    I for one welcome our reptilian overlords. *engages Kundalini*

  11. robcat2075 says:

    “GRETED” is what it really says if you really make the two half circles meet.

    • jere7my says:

      Indeed. It’s pretty easy to fold the Great Seal in half — you want six and a half stripes left visible on the shield. The fold above only shows four and a half, which means it’s not folded down the center. A proper fold leaves most of the “T” visible.

  12. technogeekagain says:

    The silver certificates,  my father told me, had the “legal tender” text aligned slightly differently, such that a simple fold gave you “gal tender and private” — a discovery of great amusement to adolescent boys of that more innocent time.

    • frogmarch says:

       By the 1980s, fourth-graders had discovered that a couple of more-complicated folds could turn The unITed stateS OF AMERICA into TITS OF AMERICA.

      And that if you cover G.W.’s face with your thumb, the outline of his lapel, collar, and neck ruffle looks (kind of) like a big veiny weenus.

      Yeah, we didn’t have the internet then.

      • Robert says:

        We used to fold Washington so that he looked like a mushroom. Oh, and for us it was ERICA, not AMERICA.

  13. I’m seeing that NEON is the secret message. 

  14. bolamig says:

    “THE GREED STATE” has 13 letters to match the 13 steps, 13 arrows, 13 leaves,  and 13 olives.  Making it plural with an S was clearly a way to throw off the conspiracy theorists.

  15. adamnvillani says:

    People always harp on American currency’s lack of color or wacky lenticular designs or whatever else they’re putting in European money these days, but the Euro bills are aggressively bland. Apparently the architecture they used for designs doesn’t even represent specific places, and are instead just typical styles of architecture. That just screams “lowest common denominator” and “design by committee.” The engraving work on American bills is also really nice.

    • Frederik says:

      Being able to use the currency across multipell cultures, being difficult to counterfeit and be usuable by people with visual handicaps rated a bitt  higher on the list of “things to do” rather then looking flashy.

      • noah django says:

         Hey, man; spelling and proof-reading are rated a bit higher on the list of “things to do” for a lot of people.  This just puts you–like American money–closer to the ideal of the American Maverick.  God bless you, sir.

  16. pushmonk says:

    I HAD to go try this, and it’s wrong. If you fold the right circle, that says “the united states”, you will still see most of the “T” in “united”. It’s pretty funny, but is not perfect, and if I was to put something on the U.S. currency, I’d damn well make sure it was perfect.

  17. Petzl says:

    Keep Jaffee-ing it until you get “THE GOD STATES” 

  18. John T. says:

    To paraphrase Lou Reed, some people like to fold dollar bills and make snarky commentary about America, other people, like us, we gotta work.

  19. benfission says:

    Five Dollar Blow Jobs here:

  20. Cefeida says:

    The most annoying thing about this is that now I have to google a picture of an unfolded dollar to compare. If you do an after, y u no do a before? 

  21. Ethan Taliesin Houser says:

    This is Mad I say, Mad!

  22. Quiche de Resistance says:

    So Who’s responsible for this?

  23. D Wyatt says:

    I saw this first.
    “Novus Ordo
    The Greed State”

    New order-The Greed State.
       Mission Accomplished!

  24. It was Roosevelt who placed the words “The Great Seal” and “of the United States” under the obverse/reverse imprints of the Great Seal on the first copy of the 1935 one dollar bill. You can see his original handwritten instructions on the alteration here: 

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