Manatee and kid

CMGW Photography snapped this beautiful shot, "First Contact," in which a young girl and a manatee share a moment through a pane of glass.

First Contact


  1. I’m not always a huge fan of Zoos, but as a way to introduce citydwellers to the wonders of nature a well-run Zoo can be a good start

    1. If you mean “introduce city dwellers to wild animals slowly going insane in captivity”, I certainly agree.

      1. Oh please.  Many animals adapt to their enclosed environments just fine, just as I’ve adapted to living in an apartment building in a very crowded urban society. We do not live in a Garden of Eden- animals in zoos are well-cared for, fed, and generally receive protection from the harsh realities of living in nature.  Sure, there are problems, and not all animals adapt well, but zoos are usually striving to provide the best arrangements possible.  I love bears and wolves and lions, too, but I prefer that they do not wander around in my world, naturally.  I prefer them controlled, nurtured, and satiated.

        1. The difference is that living in an apartment in a crowded city was your choice. I have no problem with captive breeding programs for animals at a clear risk of extinction, and I accept there may be animals that probably aren’t vertebrate enough to even notice their environment beyond their immediate sensoria, but to keep elephants or big cats or birds in enclosures is inexcusably fucked up.

  2. “Hi, sweetie – My name’s Elsie, and I’m here to tell you about Studio Ghibli…..And Gold’s Gym.”

  3. Call me lame but I have enjoyed every single one of the Dune references thus far.

    1. Is it just me, or does it have a really creepy smile going on… I’d swear if I didn’t know these things were vegetarian… Come closer little boffin, the better for me to see you…  Om Nom Nom Nom!

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