Sign a petition for a "guilt-free Eurovision" -- keep the pressure up on Azerbaijan


9 Responses to “Sign a petition for a "guilt-free Eurovision" -- keep the pressure up on Azerbaijan”

  1. moz moz says:

    If this guy is as bad as you say he is, why would he be intimidated by an internet petition? 

  2. niktemadur says:

    If you want to create a stir in Azerbaijan, yank any and all Eurovision tapings from the country, the kind of bread and circus that, when it goes away, can make a government feel a bit of a squeeze.  So if the Eurovision CEOs (or whatever they are) are tacit accomplices in a dictatorship, any and all boycott letters should be addressed to them.

    Because as things stand, this petition is toothless, I have no idea what it can accomplish.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Rumor has it that Spain told their contestant not to win so that they don’t have to host it next time.

      • niktemadur says:

        Oh, so that’s how Eurovision works, the winner gets to host the following year’s contest.  I did not know that, my bad.

        But still, special circumstances, “After careful consideration, Eurovision executives have announced that, due to government policies which they believe do NOT reflect the values we strive for in a European community of nations, Azerbaijan will NOT host this year’s contest, and the event will instead be held in the second place country”.  Or something along those lines.

  3. Jasmina Tesanovic says:

    thanks cory, i signed  and spread, it’s a shameful business, we serbs have a fair share of denial in that issue

  4. bjacques says:

    I signed too. Vote for Jamal Ali and his band:

    Oh, wait. He’s had to flee the country to avoid being murdered and one of his bandmates was impressed into the army where he’ll likely “accidentally” die in a live-fire exercise.

  5. sigdrifa says:

    I’m not sure that the people who care about this kind of entertainment would actually give a flying F about politics…

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