Steampunk bicycle from Roger Wood


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  1. Andrew Singleton says:

    I hate to sound elitish/snobbish but that is very ‘lets throw random cogs/dials on and call it steampunk.’ Unattractive to me.

    Now had they gone to the trouble of making it look like any of that actually DID something (evenif non-functional.) I’d be singing a different tune.

  2. niktemadur says:

    Looking at that portable stereo system, all I can hear in my head is “It’s A Long Way To Tipperary”.

  3. tenacious d says:

    pretty cool…but the detail seems too applied.  i think that steampunk is amazing and i love to see how these guys reconsider the pieces they recreate:

  4. willionaire says:

    While I usually like the work of Mr. Wood,  a modern tricycle with period accoutrement added does not true steampunk make.  I’m also guessing the only thing kinetic about this is that it’s a working trike; if so, this seems like a bit of a cheat. 

  5. pjcamp says:

    I’m not sure why a bicycle needs a phonograph.

    The steam whistle, however, is totally want.

  6. crummett says:

    I bet it tells the time, too.

  7. noah django says:

    the drivetrain is not connected to any possibility of steam power.  I’m not seeing any linkage from the drivetrain to the turntable, either.  yep, this is one useless, fancypants piece of decoration.

  8. Ray Perkins says:

    If you look *really* closely, you’ll see it has three wheels, not two. Ergo, not a bicycle. And not steampunk; just assorted old junk slapped on a tricycle.

  9. Andy Dingley says:

    If you want steampunk tricycles, Bristol’s Toybox Theatre has the tricycle, and the clockwork ladies (with charming French accents) to ride it

  10. John Smith says:

    This guy should get a job a Orange County Choppers, they also like to make costumes for bikes.

  11. taugust says:

    Just to keep the comments pendantic, bicycles are already steampunk– the Saftey Bicycle, as it was then called, is an 1880s product of the Industrial Revolution. As Victorian as the GWR. Any realistic steam-punk setting would have oodles of cyclists– and they wouldn’t be caught dead on this trike.

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