YouTube launches new Human Rights channel with and Storyful


6 Responses to “YouTube launches new Human Rights channel with and Storyful”

  1. gATO says:

    That’s a pretty ironic picture, given the subject ;)

    • oldjove says:

      Whatever could you mean? Is it the unfortunate positioning of the YouTube button covering her mouth? Or is it the shoulder pads and makeup she’s wearing? Deforming her appearance as signs of subordination to a patriarchal system?

      • gATO says:

        Just the position of the button. At this time of the morning, I’m not able to analyze much beyond that.

        (see? I can’t even make a witty reply!)

  2. oldjove says:

    Ah good. I was worried you were making a reference to the headscarf, symbol of female oppression and all that, and I was about to get all outraged. ;-)

    • philllies says:

      Me too. Woosh, don’t wan’t to get any more outraged today unless absolutely needed. Headscarf is a symbol of VOLUNTARY female subjugation. 

  3. techtonix says:

    That’s a great idea and a wonderful gesture.

    I’m just wondering if the formation of that channel would simply make it easier for corporations and other oppressive regimes to filter and block in mass?

    Also Time-Warner can specify that website to a lower bandwidth, but keep youtube fast. Isn’t it better to be able to mix all the witness videos in with clips of cats, instructional videos, and hot yoga vids?

    If everything is mixed up, there will be more of an outrage that all of youtube is blocked rather then some ‘pesky’ advocacy channel.

    Then again I’m in Beijing and youtube is blocked anyways…

    Also, as in China, anything with certain word tags are automatically blocked, for example recently any mention of Ferrari was blocked in China because of some incident where a high ranking Communist got in an accident from reckless driving in Beijing.

    It would be cool if all the videos on the Human Rights Channel were cloned into regular youtube, and so forth, just to maintain coverage if censorship were to occur.

    Awesome though, rock on!!!

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