21 Responses to “Caturday”

  1. Just_Ok says:

    Looks like a kitnetbook

  2. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    Cat’s instinctively know, block the screen , sit on keyboard.  

  3. redwing37 says:

    I’ll bet it’s a hearth equivalent (heat and light).

  4. bo1n6bo1n6 says:


  5. Adrian says:

    A friend brought home a stray cat that stayed hidden and would only come out to eat and use the litter box when no one was at home.  They named her Anne Frank.

  6. Travis James says:

    All i have to say in this

    I don’t know how it started. I’d like to think i know how it’ll end.  I’ll ask you all this question… You know i’ll win.

    Honestly… the only people in the world who love cats this much have this going on…

    no seriously… if you feel strong enough about cats to argue with someone you’ve never met before… you rock that thing… i hope to god you don’t kill someone before you realize you are crazy…

    god bless your souls

    • Over the River says:

      It makes your argument less effective to leave a letter off of the end of your hyper-link.  I’ll also ask you think other species (including us) don’t do the same thing.

      • Luna Em says:

        Argument? You think he has an argument? I found his comment so disjointed and incoherent I didn’t perceive an argument. Other than the vague impression that he thinks cat lovers are somehow dangerous, all I got out of it was his tragic inability to communicate in the written form.

        But perhaps I’m being too harsh. It could be that he is suffering from and is undergoing a temporary neurological impairment. Hope he feels better soon.

  7. Pet first, then you can type!

  8. unity100 says:

    Kinningbird !!!

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