Anno NTK: get a fifteen-year-old tech newsletter delivered fresh each week


5 Responses to “Anno NTK: get a fifteen-year-old tech newsletter delivered fresh each week”

  1. yri says:

    Considering I subscribed to NTK pretty much right around the last newsletter or so, sounds like the perfect opportunity to catch up on what all I missed. Maybe even fill in those blank years I’d always attributed to alien abduction.

  2. Lemoutan says:

    As far as I know, I’m still subscribed.

  3. Cynical says:

    You know you’re getting old when parts of the internet you had forgotten ever existed resurface in pseudo-nostalgic form. Sigh.

  4. penguinchris says:

    Something like this might be cool set up along the lines of one of the realtime history twitter feeds, which give you a perspective on history hard to get in any other way (the realtime WWII feed is particularly good and is currently in 1940). 

    This is a good time for something like this, too – it’d maybe give people perspective on the current tech boom by reminding us of the dotcom boom and subsequent crash.

    I’m not familiar with this newsletter but it sounds like it’d be a good source for that perspective.

    edit: I guess it’s appropriately old-school to just send it out as e-mail again in this case rather than reworking it for twitter :)

  5. Hakan Koseoglu says:

    Just checked, as far as I know my email account is still subscribed. I wonder if he will start posting the contents to the same mailing list. It was always a good read.

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