15 Responses to “Gothurday”

  1. ciacontra says:

    Can the attendees properly be called “revelers”?

  2. RJ says:

    Looking at those kids makes me want to listen to Jimmy Buffett as a counterbalance.

  3. SoItBegins says:

    Shouldn’t it be “Gothursday”? 

  4. David Howard says:

    Yes. Oh my god yes, can they be called revelers. You clearly have never been to a goth/darkwave festival.

  5. deeceegee says:

    Let This Be Your Last Battlefield…

  6. rhodian says:

    Wow.  I lived in Leipzig in ’97 and remember the sudden early-summer happening of a weekend full of goths; I didn’t realise it was a regular thing.  Cool!

  7. allium says:

    I wonder if the guy on the right is named Lawrence.

  8. Travis James says:

    sometimes people get the chance to forget their world and enjoy life and what they think is right…
    enjoy your cubicle.

  9. I’m catching some wi-fi in a hotel lobby in Leipzig; it is my first visit to the city. I’m having a great time; the city is beautiful and the festival is great. As far as I know, there are 3 big German gothic festivals: Amphi (Cologne), M’era Luna (Hanover)  and WGT (Leipzig). Nothing in the UK comes close to their scale. I’ve met people who have come here from near and far (USA and South Africa).

    My main problem now: deciding which of those I can afford time, money and energy to come to next year!

    Also: for fans of “New Aesthetic”, face paint seems to be a trend. Blocks or stripes, dazzle camouflage against the face-recognising machines.

    A funny thing happened on the late tram last night. I ended up sitting next to the only 2 non-goths on a very full carriage. He turned to me and asked in German if the festival was international. I stammered out that Why yes, I came over from London, and my German is poor. He switchd to English and asked if Goth was at all political. I was about so say that it agreed with my politics, then I remembered some bands use sexist and/or right-wing images and words, and some of them seem to not be joking. So I replied “no, not political, but it is tolerant.”. This is true I hope.

  10. Derek B says:

    Richmond Avenal approves of this message.

  11. thermoplasticity says:

    I wonder if the guy on the right has ever seen Star Trek TOS. Or knows who Frank Gorshin is.

  12. Cowicide says:

    Looks like Gimpday to me.

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