Skinless My Little Pony made from bacon

On Deviant Art, BAwesome-BAcon has crafted a pork-product pony to die for: "I have recently taken my love of My Little Pony and combined it with my love of bacon. The result, something that is borderline awesome with a hint of crazy and a smidget of cute."

Bacon Pony (via Neatorama)


  1. That was insanely disturbing just popping up in my feed like that. Not that I normally flinch at meat, but this looks a little too much like flayed pony.

      1. My first thought was “The Story of the Blanks”. But that’s becauseI hadn’t encountered Cupcakes. Until Now.

        Thanks. Thanks very much.

  2. It’s amazing what one little line can do. I was in mid-recoil from an inexplicable case of the squicks, when I noticed the single arc of the pony’s smile and thought “Oh, well that’s alright then.”

    But then I’m left with the same problem I have with cute animal food arrangements in those overly elaborate bento boxes: I don’t think I could bring myself to eat the cute, smiling Bacon Pony.  But is it better to let Bacon Pony stay there, basking in the benevolent rays of Pork Product Celestia’s (Porklestia?) pepperoni sun, until it all goes bad and you must throw it away?  Once Bacon Pony is created, one is drawn inexorably into an agony of indecision, left with no good choices in deciding its fate.  Rend it with my teeth, or leave it to wither in neglect? Choose the lesser horror.

    It’s possible that I overthink these things.

  3. All I want to know is: Does it scream when it’s going in an oven ?

    PLEASE say “Yes”.

  4. Reminds me of a video I once saw.  Guys were skinning goats or sheep alive, throwing them onto a cart..  only a few were still alive, no skin, face.. eyelids…   it was horrific…  a memory I would have been happy not revisiting.

    1. My parents both grew up on farms so from time to time I was regaled with stories of farm life in the 50’s…  Such dinner topics would arise as hog slaughtering.  Now obviously they killed it first and I wasn’t actually seeing it all, so that certainly makes it less impressionable.  With all the details of what to do, and what not to do, the part I remember the most was my dad saying: “You always did it on a day it was going to be cold, really cold.  I remember riding the bus to school and seeing hogs hung up in people’s yard split open, steam/moisture rising from the carcass.”  Gee dad, thanks for that image while I eat my pork chop.

  5. So there’s basically a game where artsy-craftsy types do mashups of two random Internet tropes. Next week, it’s Star Wars bacon creations, and the week after that it’s steampunk My Little Pony. 

  6. I am so sick of the internet’s pointless fascination with bacon. Not only is it a) dead flesh it is also b) cheap, garbage meat. I honestly don’t understand the allure and wish it would go away.

  7. I just pray to Jesus Christ that we do NOT taste like bacon to aliens if/when they stumble upon our planet.

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