XOXO: a Kickstartered "disruptive creativity" conference in Portland


9 Responses to “XOXO: a Kickstartered "disruptive creativity" conference in Portland”

  1. Bartek Bialy says:

    Shouldn’t it be “kickstarted” instead of “kickstartered”?

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    Sold out.

    So, they won’t find a bigger venue and let more people in?

    • I don’t want to be snotty, as I bought a ticket in the first minutes it went on sale assuming it would sell out, but there is a reason to have a conference of a certain size. With 400, it’s at the limits of what’s going to work to promote intimacy and small groups.

      They already secured the venue (and ostensibly paid the money). It’s only four months away. It’s amazing they pulled this together to happen so fast. Large venues are often booked far in advance, and the costs for a bigger venue can be much larger (not just linear) from a smaller one.

      What they proved is the intense interest. Thus, they and others can do renditions of this event over and over. There will be more, and lessons learned from the first one.

      Look at An Event Apart, the 4-plus times a year Web standards/design/UI events which are somewhere between conference, summit, and bash, and which has multiple competitors that are all thriving.

      Make the pie higher, as Dubya said!

  3. So bummed that we cannot get tickets the sell out was toooooo fast. anyone who pledged want to let two creative disrupters from Japan have a chance? 

  4. Toby Graves says:

    Can’t you just make your own tickets and show up?  That would be disruptive.

  5. John Thomas says:

    $400 a ticket? Having never been to a conference like this is that for visiting the show or for having a booth at it? I’m assuming the latter given the high price.

  6. grokstar says:

    This is going to be a great event.  I’m sorry I didn’t discover it until it was sold out, but I will be watching closely for the announcement of the next XOXO.

  7. The dream of the 2090s is a live in Portland …

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