Magazines from Blade Runner

Here's a collection of humorous, futuristic magazines displayed in the background of the news-stand scene in Blade Runner -- documented in Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner by Paul M. Sammon:

Turning down the block and ducking into a futuristic newsstand revealed the most humorous touches of layering, for it was here that this author immediately noticed that a number of faux twenty-first-century magazines had been stuffed into racks mounted on the newsstand's walls, and that many of them sported decidedly tongue-in-cheek covers.

These publications had been designed by BR art department member Tom Southwell. Periodicals of note include Krotch (going for $29 a copy!), Zord (at $30), Moni, Bash, Creative Evolution, and Droid. Horn, the "skin mag" of the future, had a cover which offered articles such as "The Cosmic Orgasm" and "Hot Lust in Space." Kill (whose logo was "All the News That's Fit to Kill") sported cover stories like "Multiple Murders - Reader's Own Photos."

Magazines from the future


    1.  I was pretty sure that Omni was going to turn into something like Horn, especially since Bob Guccione used similar layouts and typefaces to what he used in Penthouse, at least during that part of the 80s when I was paying attention to both. Actually, Horn isn’t that far off from latter-day Heavy Metal (the magazine).

  1. I have to express my disappointment.
    The Kill issue is dated january 2020.

    Dear editor, since Kill claims to be a monthly magazine there’s something rather unexact on your cover. Everybody knows it’s november, 2019.

    1. Many publications have a date that is in the future of when it actually available. The Austin Chronicle for some reason is always dated for Friday but  actually comes out on Thursday.

  2. In  the future, print publications are so quaint nobody uses photos. They are all hand colored after being Xeroxed & a local “Space Kinko’s.”

  3. What, no Boing Boing Magazine?!!
    The future (as seen from 1982) is too edgy for my taste, it needs Xeni on the cover, holding a plush, mariachi Artoo Deetoo. And supersonically-flavored chocolate chip cookie toothpaste ads.

  4. In a similar vein I think the hand made lighted windows in the miniature Los Angeles look like the patterns from Conways Game of Life. Its probably an accident. Very hard to deliberately make things random.

    Incidently Disqus is broken. It tries to dynamically retrieve images from URLs as I type. It intercepts key strokes and gets itself in a horrible mess. Pasting image URL in now

    1.  there are only so many angles you can shoot a futuristic building, with a flying-car park on the roof, from.

  5. Fake magazines are created for background color /set decoration. We in the art department try to have some fun with this part of the work we do to please and awe you the unsuspecting audience.
    Thanks for taking notice of our labors.

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