What the heck is this thing?

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Marine biologists think they can identify this strange, blobby creature that floated up out of the ocean depths and was captured on an oil drill video. That, alone, is not terribly surprising. Marine biologists know a lot of weird ocean creatures.

But would you believe they identified it by its gonads?

Read the rest of the story at Robert Krulwich's NPR blog.

Mark blogged about this critter previously, here on Boing Boing.


  1. “But would you believe they identified it by its gonads?”

    It was subsquently identified as the biologist’s friend Dave. The biologist said he’d be missed.

  2. It’s a couple of gallons of refrigerated Hershey’s syrup. Just ask Bart Sloane. He’s a clever man.

  3. Note the hex grid all over it from about 2.00. It’s clearly some kind of game board, perhaps lost from the giant squid civilisation…

      1. Surely you e-mailed all the guests with the image to see who accidentally left it behind?

  4. It’s a “Deepstaria Enigmatica” – Google it.
    They found out a couple of weeks ago.
    Job done – NEXT! : )

  5. When boat fishing in the Puget Sound in 1984, I hooked this… thing.  It had a single-bone mantle that resembled nothing more than a very large fishhook made of bone.  It was surrounded by gelatinous material that was an obvious body of sorts.  To this day, I still don’t know what it was, but it was a living organism.  Still stranger than anything Hollywood has envisioned.

  6. The hexagonal pattern gives it away. It’s some kind of fabric, what  it’s made of I don’t know, but it’s wrapped (entangled)  around a fish. 

  7. It should be edited down to a few seconds, blurry, with someone screaming “Did you get it? Did you see it!” with a violent camera shake added. Then this would go viral and then  investigated by Monster Hunters. Sometimes Knowing takes the thrill  out of it.

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